Z says Aah

I had a routine dental appointment this morning, which was fine, so went on to look at dishwashers afterwards – LT had looked in his branch of JL yesterday and, as it turned out, we came to the same conclusion.  So I’ve bought it and it’ll be delivered … next Thursday, chiz chiz.  I could have spent twenty quid for next day delivery, but it turned out that it wasn’t worth it to me.  I know, darlings, I’m surprised too.  I’d have thought I’d have paid £20 to get me out of washing up for a week, but it seems not.

I expected LT home between half past one and two o’clock, so had lunch ready for two, and waited and waited and, once it got to quarter to three, I was so hungry that my manners completely abandoned me and I ate my lunch.  I’d already drunk the bokkle of beer that we were supposed to share.  He got here by soon after three o’clock, having been sent round the North Circular because of some traffic problem.  And I opened more beer, for which he was grateful.

I said the dental appointment was fine and it was, except for one thing.  You know how they measure your gums, how much they can get a probe in – with luck, it’ll be not at all or one millimetre, and so it was all round my mouth except my lower left wisdom tooth, and there, between that and the next tooth, it was 6mm.  6mm!! that’s very nearly an armful!  The dentist was surprised because it had been 1mm only six months before and the rest of my mouth was spot on.  So I’ve come home with an inter-dental brush and some gel that tastes disgusting and I expect it’ll clear up soon.  Wisdom teeth are more trouble than they’re worth, I reckon, though maybe I’m being a bit tooth-picky.  And there’s no sign of any other trouble in my mouth, which I’m glad to know.  I knew two people who had mouth cancer picked up by their dentists – many years ago, these were, not at all recent – and the routine check they do is a truly valuable service.

But that was a serious moment that was quite uncalled for.  Let frivolity reign.  Tim is back with me where we both belong.

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