Z saw Henry VIII

The chap I mentioned yesterday didn’t come on the trip after all, which was something of a relief – don’t know why, as he’d said he would, but I’m not going to ask him if I see him. Anyway, we had a splendid day. I realised, a couple of nights ago, that I’d be leaving before the polling station opened, and wasn’t sure of the time of its closure – fortunately, it wasn’t until 10 o’clock, so I was in plenty of time to vote. I had considered a frivolous vote for the nonsensical single party vote system for the ‘Eastern region’s’ 7 MEPs, but I voted sensibly after all. I do, after all, value my ability to vote. As far as local elections are concerned, I don’t take a party political view. If the sitting councillor is a good one, I vote for him or her, whatever the party – they’re all Conservative or Lib Dem here, as it happens, so I’ve voted both those ways. Dilly’s father is a Councillor – well, up until now; who knows if he will be tomorrow?

Al was pleased as he felt he’d done rather better than the market today. His lovely local strawberries were cheaper and his asparagus, although in smaller bunches, was also cheaper (same price by weight). His cauliflowers were not as good-looking but just as good and cheaper – all in all, he did very well. He’s still selling a few plants, though I expect I’ll have to find room for a few more tomatoes and courgettes in a while in our garden.

I fell asleep for a while on the coach, and when I woke up my eye felt dry, so I took my lens out, intending to put it back. When I looked, I saw a small tear – tare, that is, not teer – so I had to throw it away. My sight is borderline (but on the right side in daylight) for driving without a contact lens, so I was glad it was still light. I must remember to keep a spare lens in my bag for emergencies.

Early yet, but I’m going to bed. I’m babysitting tomorrow, early. Anyone seen a weather forecast for Saturday?

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  1. Dave

    Mine’s the forecast for Norwich, from the BBC website (I have the site bookmarked). Sunday is heavy rain.

    Ah. Have just looked at forecast for Lowestoft (which may be slightly closer to you than Norwich). Heavy rain both days.

    I wouldn’t bother organising a cricket match this weekend then.

  2. Dave

    Have just asked the site for a forecast for Yagnub. Got the following result:

    ‘Heavy rain with possible flooding expected across western Burma’.

    Hope this helps.

    PS forecast for Mon-Tues is wet. This may affect bricklaying.

  3. Z

    At present the BBC website, for my postcode, says sunny intervals (with cloud, doesn’t mention rain) for Saturday, light rain for Sunday, same pattern repeated for Monday & Tuesday.

    We’re about equidistant from Norwich and the coast – Lowestoft has weather all its own. You do better to read the shipping forecast for Lowestoft. Normally, it’s either windy or foggy.

  4. Dave

    Norwich forecast has now changed completely – Sunny intervals for saturday, light showers Sunday, sunny intervals monday. I’ll assume bricklaying is on again!

  5. Dave

    Just realised that’s the forecast you’ve just given.

    I see they’re giving heavy rain tonight. Good. My main waterbutt is completely empty. I may need to get more if we have a long hot summer.


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