Preparing for a Wedding, and a loss

Dilly’s dad has lost his seat on the council. He’s been a hard-working and effective councillor for 20 years, and it seems tough that matters that have nothing to do with him have affected his election. I’ve sent a sympathetic email, but he and Dilly’s mum are going on holiday on Sunday so I won’t see them for a while. He lost by the barest margin at that, which must be pretty frustrating.

The old car has received a wash and polish, but it’s been put away again so there won’t be a photo until tomorrow. The wedding is to be several miles away (at Dave’s stamping-ground-before-last) so I’ll drive along with a tow rope, just in case. We’ll allow plenty of time. Then we’ll chug back again with bride and groom, of course. There’s a family lunch, and the party is in the evening. It involves a hog roast – they’re the farmers who provided the pig for Weeza and Phil’s hog roast. It’s just occurred to me that the dress I’m planning to wear, which I bought for a wedding last year, is none too warm if the weather is chilly. I don’t think I’ve got anything suitable to wear over it, except a silk scarf. So it’ll just have to be warmer than the forecast. I don’t need to wear it for the day, as we’re not going to the wedding itself – the Sage can’t leave the car. It attracts considerable interest. On the way back, the bride and groom will have to decide whether to squeeze into the front seat with the Sage, or travel in the dickey. It’s not that easy to get into – he’d have to lift her unless she has no objection to hoicking her dress up around her thighs, which isn’t at all likely.

Anyway, all should be fun.

And in the meantime, Ro is moving out. I have local and seasonal food for dinner – lamb, fresh young peas and carrots, asparagus, potatoes, tomatoes and English, but not local, raspberries. The cherries are not English – too early – but everything else is.

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