Z rolls her eyes at slogans again

We’ve had another brisk trip to Reading, where we found a letter with a hospital appointment for LT, so will have to go back there in a few days’ time.  At least it’s not the week before Christmas, we aren’t going to grumble about it.

On the way home, we passed a Mitsubishi garage.  “Drive your ambition,” was writ large on the poster.  Now, as a life challenge, it does have some meaning, in a buzzwordish sort of way, but as a strapline for a middle-of-the-range car manufacturer (darlings, I trust you noted with appreciation that I didn’t say middle-of-the-road), I’m not very impressed.  I’ve nothing against that make of cars and they may well be splendid – I don’t know as I’ve never been in one – but it’s not my absolute ambition to drive one.

Morrison’s, the supermarket, exhorted me to “shop online now.”  Not now – or rather, not at the time I read the slogan on the van – because I’m driving.  I feel that “shop online today” actually has more punch.

Thinking about these things reminded me of what could well be the worst of the lot.  It’s Rightmove.  “Find your happy.”  Seriously, if I were the sort of Z who does that, I’d want to punch someone.

There seems to be a lot about punching in this post.  Can’t think why.

2 comments on “Z rolls her eyes at slogans again

  1. Scarlet

    Ha Ha! I had to check the Rightmove strap-line – ‘Find You’re Happy’ makes no sense at all! But it’s ‘Find Your Happy’, I reckon they just dropped ‘Place’ to be trendy.
    I don’t have any driving ambition for a Mitsubishi either!!

    1. Z Post author

      Bloody autocorrect, I wrote find your happy. I’ll have to change it back. They’ve put in an awful autocorrect on this site and it can’t be overridden.


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