Z steps back

I’ve passed a job over to Tim. This sort of thing doesn’t come easily to me, I feel that I have to be self-reliant and not duck out on responsibilities.  But he said he would help and so I’ve asked him to, and am immensely grateful.

I’ve always felt I have to carry on and not ask for help, though I’ve always been willing to give it, and I’ve known for a long time that this can be somewhat off-putting.  So, for the last couple of decades, I’ve made conscious efforts to change.  But this is something that was really up to me to sort out, and letting go of it is such a relief to me, though probably not the big deal to Tim than it feels to me – I’m going to get lost in grammar any moment, so I’ll just say that I feel much better and, again, he merits the description of Lovely.

It’s mild and damp at present.  I see from Facebook that today, 8 years ago, I made a sizeable snowman.  I’m rather glad it’s just wet, I don’t really quite feel like having a snowfall this week.

I’m planning to move furniture around.  LT thinks it’s a good idea, but the first thing to do is buy wardrobes, because we’re quite 4 of ’em down, at present.  We may go on an expedition tomorrow or Friday, if I get the rest of the stuff hanging over me done.  Because, while LT was taking on half my tasks, i wasn’t doing the rest of them at all.  I did make bread, however, if that goes a small way towards making up for it.

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