Z risks papier mâché

There are a couple of school things that are making life so difficult that it’s almost overwhelming.  Nothing to do with staff nor pupils, who are all wonderful, and I can’t say more, obviously.

I was preparing a run for Edweena, but then re-read the information sheet that R had from Tortoise Club, which says that 3 metres square is the minimum they need.  Oh.  I’d been thinking rather less than that.  Still, I have a bed of that size, so that is what I’ll use.  I measured her, more or less, and her shell is about 7 inches long; the sides have to be at least twice that in height.  It’s all rather a lot of work. I suppose it’ll be worth it.  The babies will have a smaller run within that, I think.

Little Rupert dog came to us for the day.  I was awake much of the night – Russell went down to fetch tea and toast for both of us at 3 am – and I was dozing when Ben barked.  “It’s Rupert!” said R, so I shoved on a dressing gown and scuttled downstairs, apologising to his owner.  The sash was missing from the dressing gown and there are no buttons, so I had to hold it about me carefully as I wasn’t wearing anything underneath, and controlling Ben at the same time wasn’t easy.  Then I started to feel faint…Sam left, I lay on the hall floor but was trodden on by playful dogs, so crawled back to bed, where i lay, with my ears buzzing.  There were compensations to relative fatness, darlings, this didn’t happen then.  It’s not that I’m underweight, by no means.

Anyway, tonight I’ve mostly been sitting quietly by myself in the kitchen.  I’ve got so much to do that is beyond my capabilities at present.  But now my dog is on the sofa behind me, my husband has made me tea, I’ve got a whole lot of things to listen to on iPlayer if I can’t sleep tonight and I’ve managed to get off a sheaf of paperwork for Russell that I’ve been working on all week.  On and off.

I think I’m going to have a bath and try not to drop the newspapers.

6 comments on “Z risks papier mâché

  1. mig

    Oh I do hope you had a lovely (papier mache free) bath and a good night.

    Mrs Middle’s next door neighbor’s tortoise has a run which can’t be much bigger than two metres square. I hope it’s alright!

  2. 63mago

    Dogs may be nice and all, but when one has to lie down in the hall and they playfully run over one, it may be time to have the bloodpressure checked, especially with buzzing ears in stressfull times. A small dose of betablocker may work wonders, and above all helps to prevent all damage undetected high bloodpressure may do. Says a man who lives with chronic hypertension for thirty years.

  3. Scarlet

    I have had to do the laying down in the hall thing in the morning! Strangest feeling. I get up slowly these days and sip my morning tea. I learnt my lesson.

  4. Z Post author

    Thank you, Mig – I slept pretty well and got up slowly, as Scarlet suggests. Mago, I last had my blood pressure tested about a year ago and it was fine – I suspect that it’s temporary low blood pressure that makes me feel faint. I’m intending to go to the doctor when I get around to it (regarding bone density and risk of osteoporosis in the future, nothing urgent) and I’ll mention it then. I’m sure he’ll weigh me (booooo) and take my bp then, because doctors are terribly interested in that sort of thing.

    I broke the first rule of Tortoise Club! Rog will have me disbarred or defenestrated or whatever happens to transgressors.

    I don’t think there’s a problem about the size of the run – I suspect it’s the size you need to grow food for a tortoise to graze on. But if you give supplementary food then that doesn’t apply.

    You’d be surprised, John, she’s pretty nippy!


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