Z isn’t happy

So much has gone awry today that I should just shut up and be stalwart.  But hell.  I’m going for the sympathy vote.

I wanted to leave the house around 7.30, so set the alarm for 6.30, and woke up at 5.  It was the third time of waking, but that was ok, I felt I’d had a reasonable amount of sleep, and it so happened that R woke up too and made some tea, so that was nice.

In time, I got dressed and went downstairs.  The light in the passageway didn’t come on.  Power cut? No, I had internet on my phone.  Evidently, the bastard light bulb in the passageway had blown again and it had blown the bastard fuse.  So first I took Ben to the back door to let him out, rather than put him on a lead to walk him.  I couldn’t open the door.  The key doesn’t quite love the lock, it sometimes takes a bit of jiggling, but it wasn’t working this time.  So I couldn’t wait, I took Ben through the annexe and let him out of the back door there.

I returned to the kitchen.  Glancing along the passage, i saw blobs.  Malevolent, stinky things.  Darlings, I cannot deny that I had a little grumble.  But I fetched a 5 amp fuse and a screwdriver, carried through a stool and scrambled wobblingly on it, removed the fuse from the sodding fusebox and did the business, replaced it – it worked.  The kitchen light came on.  Then I replaced the light bulb (these expensive low energy light bulbs are a con – they hardly give out any light, they cost vastly more and they last no longer than proper light bulbs) and then I cleaned up three rather runny splodges of dog mess.  Fortunately, two of them were on a washable rug, but the third is persistent.  I may have to attack it again tomorrow.

All this by 7 am.  I was in a towering bad temper.  But I did the rest of the stuff one does and left on time.

Yeah, yeah, very nice day out.  And I spent a lot of it walking about on my own, which i really needed.  I also chatted and sat with friends for lunch and tea and was sociable, and I needed that too.

In the afternoon, I looked at emails and found that there were school-related ones that raised my blood pressure.  ‘Nuff said.  The day went downhill from then onwards, for one reason and another, but never mind.

Then I couldn’t access my own blog.  Turned out the host had a problem.  Well, I can sympathise there, so I left it for a bit.

I’m trying episode 2 of Jamaica Inn, but if it’s as unlit as the first one was, I might as well go to bed.  If they’re going for realism, why don’t they aim for some actual Cornish accents?  Frankly, it’s not even Mummerset.

11 comments on “Z isn’t happy

  1. mig

    Ooh you definitely get my sympathy! And I do agree about the light bulbs. They also need to be disposed of specially because they’ve got something nasty in them (I can’t remember what).

  2. 63mago

    Jamaica Rum may help.
    These low energy bulbs are miserable ; the light temperature is uncalculable, so one never knows whether the damn thing will give ice cold neon like light or something yellowish, some of them produce even grey light, terrible.
    Some days should simply not get started. Hope it became better.

  3. Liz

    Some days just ain’t worth getting out of bed for. I hope today is better, although I don’t imagine the content of those emails will have exactly gone away.

  4. Z Post author

    I’ve not met anyone who actually likes the light bulbs and most people hate them. Yes, I had a drink or two in the evening, I’m pleased to say.

    It’s all difficult, Liz, another meeting tomorrow and there are situations that aren’t going to clear up any time soon.

    Thanks, darlings. You’re lovely.

  5. Sir Bruin

    I could offer you some sugary and encouraging cliche, however a crap day is a crap day. I know that a little help is worth a lot of sympathy, but I can only offer the latter, I’m afraid.

  6. Pontillius

    Well, it’s all part of life’s rich pageant.

    “These things are sent to try us” as my old Gran used to say; mind you she was as daft as a cave full of bats!.

    I only switch these new fangled lectric lights on so I can see to light the oil lamps. That’s why my electric bill is only 52p per quarter. Mind you, the cost of the paraffin for the lamps is £2,330 per year! Is it me, or am I doing something wrong?

  7. Z Post author

    The meeting did not go well. Things within school are fine, it’s peripheral matters. Sympathy is very warming, thank you.

    My husband’s sister remembers electricity being laid on to this house, Pontillius, and how she and her elder brother used to go round switching lights on and off, just because they could. My children thought of a power cut as a treat, because it was fun having lamps and candles! We couldn’t afford paraffin, of course…

  8. PixieMum

    Ian has suggested that you have circuit breakers, then as an afterthought ask for an electrician to check all the wiring, if you have modern bulbs they should last longer.

  9. nick

    I know we should all be prepared for days when everything goes wrong, and take them in our stride, but of course I never am and like you I get in a vile temper just the same.

    I also hate low energy light bulbs. They take several minutes to illuminate properly, which is not much help if you just want to dash into a room for something and dash out again. We have a great hardware shop down the road that stocks all the traditional high-energy bulbs so we buy all our bulbs there and f*** all the low energy nonsense.


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