Z rests

Dilly is tutoring all morning tomorrow, so I’ll look after the children from 8.30.  I think that’ll be the last session for now – she wants a summer holiday as much as the students she teaches do.  However, it’s quite useful as she normally teaches immediately after school or later, no more than one session per day (not every day) so at least she’s using her time efficiently.

I’m not intending to use my time efficiently at all.  I’ve pretty well switched off for the holidays.  I’ve a meeting on the 13th which I have to arrange, but that shouldn’t be a problem, and I’ve got to get some things organised in the house and garden before going away on Friday.  The Sage is already backtracking on his agreement to come with me, and has decided to return on Sunday rather than Monday.  Dilly and Al will move in here, because the house is never left – nor is Tilly, come to that.  Dilly asked what time Tilly needs to go out in the morning.  I said, as soon as possible.  She’ll know if she comes down too late…

Actually, Tilly has been a bit better recently.  Usually, she’s too polite to bother us if she wants to go out during the night, and just uses the floor, but the other night she woke the Sage at 2 am to go out.  I don’t think she knows what she did right when he told me in the morning, but she didn’t object to the praise she received.

I downloaded a new level for iAssociate 2 a day or two back.  I’m embarrassingly pleased to have completed it and submitted my score, to be told I’m in the top 100 of finishers – 23 out of 87 in that particular round, to be exact.  I really don’t have enough to do with my time.  Which is rather the way I like it, just now.

5 comments on “Z rests

  1. Z

    I don’t think you ever rest for long, Helen. You’re always on the go.

    On Tutorial, I was 25136th out of 36154. I warn you, Rog, you’ll be hooked for the next few weeks.

  2. Eddie 2-Sox

    Sorry Z, but urgh. Keeping an animal in the home that (predictably) urinates inside on a daily basis is a gross concept to me. The beast should be kept outside, surely.

  3. Z

    Well, no love, it’s not daily by any means – monthly at worst. And she’s old, she can’t help it when she does. We couldn’t possibly keep her outside, it would be kinder to take her to the vet for a lethal injection.

    It tends not to happen now, because care in the home is better, but I’ve delivered meals on wheels many time to old ladies who stank and whose chairs I wouldn’t have sat in. They couldn’t help it either. I’m not keen on the idea of euthanasia for my convenience, though not in favour of keeping an animal in pain alive out of sentiment either.

    Like the love of a child or a partner, love for an animal can only be understood once you’ve felt it. I’ve taken on a life-long responsibility for Tilly and, whilst I know that she’s drawing near the end of hers, I’ll make it as happy as I can. Likewise, when we have another puppy, I know that it will pee in the house until it learns better. It’s no bigger deal than Sam wetting his bed when he was little.


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