Happy Birthday, Ro

It’s Ro’s birthday.  And yesterday was the 24th anniversary of us moving to this house – or, as the Sage puts it, moving back to this house, for this is where he was born.

Everyone is coming over tomorrow – originally it was to have been for lunch, but then Dilly remembered that they are out in the morning visiting her auntie and won’t be back until about 3, so we’ll eat in the middle of the afternoon sometime.  Weeza will want to leave around 6 for Zerlina’s bedtime.  She keeps to a reasonably careful routine as that seems best for z’s sleep pattern, and I certainly can’t disagree with it, because it works really well.

If the weather’s good enough, we’ll have a barbecue; I’ve bought steak, sausages and chicken fillets, which last are presently marinading in my favourite gloop.  It’s a mixture of various spices, mostly starting with C, such as coriander, cinnamon, cloves, cumin and cayenne, plus oil and vinegar, garlic, onion, ginger and tomato paste.  And salt.  I think that’s about it.  All liquidised and the diced chicken chucked in and left for some hours.  I’ve probably given the recipe before – I couldn’t find the book, but remembered it had been typed up so did a Jimmy-look-see on the computer for the proportions.

Anyway, the other item to report is that, finally, I think my resistance has collapsed and I must steel myself to join Facebook after all.  Yes, darlings, I have succumbed.  Simply because one of my dearest friends, who only lives 20 minutes drive away but whom I rarely see to talk to – that is, I see her about twice a month but when we’re busy or having lunch among a big group, so it’s not always possible to chat – has started an account and sent me an invitation.  You see, darlings, close to irresistible as you are, and out of the loop as I sometimes feel, it’s an invitation from Bette that has tipped the balance.

Just to be awkward, I don’t think I’ll actually use my actual name though.  I’m only too Googleable as it is.  It’ll probably be Zed and my surname, which won’t be exactly difficult to find but not there for the casual looker.  I haven’t done it yet, don’t all rush straight there.

Al’s new honey extractor arrived yesterday and they have bottled up 70-something jars of honey.  It looks lovely, darker than the first lot and, he says, is tastier – just the different flowers the bees have been to.  He’s got it on sale at the shop and has sold several jars today.  They’ve got about as much to do again.

8 comments on “Happy Birthday, Ro

  1. Dave

    I’ve looked. You don’t seem to be on FB yet. I won’t be able to look again for another week or so, Cornwall not being on the same planet.

  2. lom

    I have just got rid of my facebook account, I couldn’t find the fun in it, but the games were good.

    By the way I have moved sites.

  3. Dave

    There is someone on FB with your actual name, living in Portsmouth, and someone with the name with an extra ‘s’ on the end, so you’re not unique.

    There still isn’t a ‘Zed’ though.

    That’s it. I’m off to Cornwall now. See you in August. Enjoy your holiday.

  4. Anonymous

    I tried it once but it kinda takes over your life, – if you let it. So I deleted myself!
    And there is so much inane drivel.
    But I must admit it was fun while it lasted.
    You’ll be amazed at the number of “friends” you didn’t know you had!

  5. Z

    I’m being put right off again.

    I’ll wait until I haven’t spent the whole afternoon with a (emptied and refilled) tumbler of wine in my hand.


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