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A day of little achievements that gave me pleasure…

This morning, I drove over to Beccles, seven miles away.  I feel that it’s a bit disconcerting that the prospect of going shopping seven miles away made me quite excited, but that was the situation.  I had two pairs of boots that needed re-heeling and I went to a discount shop that’s where Woolworth’s used to be and bought odds and ends in a satisfying way.  Then I went to the greengrocer and helped myself to a small handful of kale, three carrots, a large lemon, a lime, a pineapple and some monkey nuts in their shells.  After that, I went to the supermarket to get some lamb’s lettuce for the tortoises.  Tesco was nearest, but they didn’t have any, so I drove down the road to Morrison’s and stocked up.

That, other than getting some money from the hole in the wall, was it.  Yet it made me content.

I hadn’t left home until nearly 11, because I didn’t want to miss Paul the Fish.  I bought a few fresh scallops, beautiful ones, and a small piece of smoked haddock.  I’ve also got some leftover pork from yesterday and, with the vegetables, I’ve got ample food for the week.  Several lots of seeds have sprouted in the greenhouse, which also cheers me.

I had pizza for lunch, with a glass of the very nice Macon that Indigo brought yesterday, lit the fire and did some admin.  I had an email from our insurance broker about my flats in London and I wasn’t sure if I’d told him that Russell had died, so mentioned it.  I hadn’t done, he was sorry to hear it.  We’ve known Steve for many years, he’s such a nice man.  He is going to check  around for insurance on the flats, which cost about £500 each per year to insure – that’s over £1,000 for one building, not including contents, which certainly does seem steep.  He’s going to come over on Monday to go through the details.  I dealt with other stuff, including an email to my solicitor, so my task of achieving something constructive in regard to Russell’s estate every day was met.

I was behindhand in some school stuff, which included studying changes in the Governors’ Handbook and noting what paperwork we need to do in relation to governance.  In one way, it’s really quite boring, but it’s strangely engrossing too.  I actually rather like structure, but flexibility within it.  I’ve done a fair bit and emailed out notes for tomorrow’s meeting, but there’s still more to do before I go to bed.

Tonight, I stir-fried courgettes, garlic, red pepper, broccoli and its stalk sliced thinly and chorizo sausage, then briefly sautéed the scallops.  I deglazed the pan with a dash of sherry and soy sauce and ate it with the rest of Indigo’s wine.  Weeza and I meant to talk on the phone this evening but I forgot and she must have too – ditto with Wink.

We’ve kept the chickens in for the past three days and, as a result, have had some eggs.  Roses and I have both had a look around in the garden, but we haven’t yet found where they’re laying.  I need to watch for a satisfied-looking hen to come out from somewhere secluded, find the next, take all but two eggs (and mark those, so that I’ll know them) or else she’ll find a new hiding place.  I really must get some fake eggs to put in the nest so that I don’t have to mark (and waste) real ones.  I do not want chicks – though it’ll be surprising if I manage to keep tabs on all the hens all summer.

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