Z is staccato

Considering it was quite a detailed post,  yesterday’s missive sounded a bit staccato.  Maybe I had done too much paperwork for the day.  I’m sorry that it didn’t flow more freely.

Two meetings this morning – I’m taking the view that each one means one fewer in the future.  I’m still interested and engaged and working hard, but I’m nearing the end.  I’ll be ready to retire and start a new chapter, probably in July next year, maybe a year on from that.  Some deadlines are to be worried about, even if I try not to, others can be coped with without stress.

Three more eggs today – it was very windy, so I felt no compunction about keeping the bantams in.  One egg was laid this morning, so I brought it straight in for breakfast, and I picked up the other two tonight.  I will talk to my gardener about the chickens’ summer quarters.  I can’t deal with searching for them all summer and then having lots of chicks.

Two meetings this morning and then I realised it was nearly 1o’clock and I was going to be late for my haircut, so I scooted off hastily.  I haven’t written up the notes this evening, as I’ve been on the phone to Weeza and Wink.  I’ll do it tomorrow.

I had a long chat with Weeza first – I’ve got the children for the weekend and I am looking forward to that so much.  Weeza and Phil are away for a birthday party, which should be a good one.  Their friend’s 40th and he’s pretty exuberant.  Even better, they’re staying over, so nowhere to get to at the end of the evening.

Yes, my haircut – towards the end of the proceedings, she started to chop in to my hair at the back.  She seems to think it’s *too* thick.  I don’t quite see how fine, straight hair can be too thick but I normally like the way she cuts it, so I’m trusting.  In fact, all I could do was sit very still and hope that a chop didn’t go wrong at all.  It’s very short at the back, a bit more length over the ears, I’ll dare to look tomorrow.  My hairdresser has just got married and my next appointment is slightly early, just before her honeymoon, so short will continue next month too.  Pfft.  It’ll be fine.  it’s just hair *gulp*

I’ve never been very brave about my hair, actually.  I just had it long when I was a child as my mother liked it that way and I never cared.  Long, straight and fairly unkempt (frankly) hair was perfectly acceptable when I was in my teens and it’s only been since I had children and finally dragged myself to some sort of maturity that I’ve dealt with it regularly.

Lots of seeds are up, including one lot of tomatoes.  I sowed more today.  There’s going to be lots to do in a few weeks,  Lovely,


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