Z reads and writes and talks and hugs

Zig’s younger daughter, Baby Doc, has been here for the weekend and the day started with lots of present giving because it’s Mothering Sunday, which has been adopted as Mothers’ Day in Britain. Zig’s other daughter phoned and later Weeza and Ro phoned me.  Al texted, being a bit occupied by chickenpox in the family.  This is the youngest, Hadrian, sounds as if he’s keeping the whole family busy.

I’ve been reading a lot while I’ve been here, three books in three days, though I didn’t read a fourth today, but read the paper instead.  I’ll go to bed early and download another book to read.  I ordered two more, which should have arrived by the time I get home.  My inability to listen to a range of music was dealt with by going to a couple of concerts of unfamiliar, new stuff and I’m finally tackling the book problem head-on too, by just Doing It.  Problems don’t always solve themselves and one has to pick one’s time to deal with them.

its been useful to have Russell’s iPad as well as my own, it’s made some of the work I’ve had to do much easier – such as writing a document with another one there for reference, for example.  Quite often, I’ve needed the phone too.  This is no hardship, keeping up with paperwork, it’s enabled me to get away for a week and not have it waiting when I get back home, and so I’ve been able to relax.  The cliché that smartphones etc have taken over our lives and stopped us connecting with the people we are with is just not the case, as far as I can see.  It makes me more efficient and gives me more time, and I do talk to people in real life – as those of you who have met me know only too well.

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