Z rambles on. And on.

There were things that I hadn’t quite bargained on being responsible for, but that was my mistake. It’s down to me to do it or delegate it. Little things like typing out all the words of hymns, for instance. Still, done now.

I’m too self-absorbed for my liking. Though I don’t see what else I can be, for now.

Tomorrow, Wink and I are buying food. I’m taking some shortcuts, which don’t extend to buying blini, to put smoked salmon on, as I did for Tim’s funeral do. I made them. I also made bread yesterday, when buying it would really have made sense. I don’t understand myself. I think it’s anxiety making me need to be busy doing things that don’t make me anxious in themselves. Or else I’m just an idiot.

Anyway, I rang Daphne yesterday, to confirm arrangements. She wondered if she might sleep at Wink’s, to save herself from having to go upstairs. She’s just had a stairlift put in at her own house. Poor Daphne has had a replacement hip but her knees are bad. So that’s fine – it saves me from having to make wardrobe space in my dressing room, so it suits me rather well. Daphne herself will be much more comfortable and she gets on very well with Wink (so does everyone).

My cleaners came today as an extra, they worked very hard all morning, bless them. Cleaning this whole house is a lot of hard work and they didn’t even make it upstairs this time. They kindly laid the fires, ready for me to light and brought in lots of logs.

A friend in Cornwall says that chickens are going to have to be kept in because of bird flu. That hasn’t reached here yet, but it’s bound to. That isn’t really a problem for my gang, though they’d rather go outside – i can’t do anything about Pillock and Plank. I can’t catch them. They roost on the greenhouse, too high up to be caught and they’re too wary for me to grab or trap them. They’re semi-feral and that’s that.

2 comments on “Z rambles on. And on.

  1. Scarlet

    I don’t think you’re self absorbed at all. Far from it – you’re getting yourself through each day.
    I was expecting an almighty ramble, and instead I find a concise post!


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