Z raises a glass

It’s a beautiful day. I’ve picked lettuces, sweet peas, gooseberries and artichokes for the shop. I’ve cycled in for my shopping and been to the library. I will take the papers, the books, a glass of wine and some smoked salmon and go and relax on the lawn.

I’ve been eating little but fruit and yoghurt this week until the evening, but today I feel completely self-indulgent. It’s too hot to work in the garden and too fine to work indoors. As I cycled, I thought of a subject for a post, but now it’s all planned in my head, it feels that the job’s done and I don’t really need to write it down any more. Maybe later. Possibly.

Cheers, darlings

11 comments on “Z raises a glass

  1. Z

    Dave, there are all the other chaps being lovely and what do you do? You suggest I’m a greedy soak.

    Of course, you’re the only one of them who has actually met me, but that isn’t my point.


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