Old Z, new tricks

I went in to the fish stall on the market today. I thought a barbecue would be good and I’ve bought whole sea bream all round, with salmon for the children. I’m not being mean, I think they’ll balk at the bones. Everyone was out today and I stopped for several chats. When I was spoken to by name, the fishmonger remarked on it. “We called our foal Z” he said, “after my wife’s grandmother. Her show name is S1lver L1n1ng.” I said gratified sorts of things about both names. It transpired that the mare, the foal’s mother, had died during the delivery but a live and healthy foal was some consolation. I asked how it was being brought up – apparently, someone else’s mare had borne a sick foal that, after operations, was not going to survive, so it was replaced by the newly-born Z.

One customer was also buying for a barbecue, but some of the fish cost more than she was willing to pay. Then she said that her dogs were very fond of scallops, so she often bought them for a Sunday breakfast treat. I admitted that scallops are a treat for me, never mind for dogs.

Last night’s barbecue was a success – Ro’s idea, Dilly made salads, Al bought the meat and rolls, I provided a range of drinks, with cutlery and china and the Sage did the cooking. We remarked on Ro’s powers of delegation, as well as of suggestion.

Squiffany politely asked me what I’d like to drink. “Wine, please,” I said and then, after it was poured, “Cheers”. She was rather enchanted at that and toasted the whole family. “Cheers, Granny, Cheers Daddy” – you get the picture. Pugsley repeated the salutations. Cheers every time anyone raised a glass took up a fair bit of the evening.

Just off for some Governor training. 20 years experience is by no means enough not to need to keep updating one’s knowledge.

15 comments on “Old Z, new tricks

  1. crinklebee

    Young Frankie is enchanted by the whole cheers thing as well.. in our house the standard phrase has become ‘do cheers on that one!’, which is something he demanded, holding up a baby cup full of juice, at the age of two and a bit…

  2. Z

    Timeo Daneos et linguas ferentes, Dave.

    Jonathan, those children’s phrases become part of the family language, don’t they? S & P love a family get-together and a barbecue combines the informality of eating outdoors with the sociability of all sitting round the table together.

    Should be, John. The fish is in the marinade and the wine and beer are in the fridge.

  3. The Boy

    Yes, each of ours has gone through the “Cheers” phase. They stil do sometimes!

    I must say, I don’t begrudge pets being fed well normally, but when there is famine in Africa, getting scallops for the dog is just a tad OTT.

  4. Dandelion

    Sea-bream are round? I never knew that!

    Barbecued bees, mmmm I bet that was delicious. And I do like a good bit of cutlery with my booze. You lot are certainly living it up…

  5. Z

    Boy, we’re both Puritans at heart, but we only object to it because scallops are expensive. If it had been sardines, it would not have been remarkable.

    Dandelion – words almost fail me. Really me. Just how pedantic do you wish me to be?

  6. Z

    You may be disappointed in me, Dand. Unlike Dave, I just write and post. I don’t hone and polish (figuratively speaking) my blog.


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