Z puts her lips together

At the coffee morning I went to (which raised over £2,000 for MacMillan Nurses, btw) last Friday week, I bought one of those key fobs that, when you whistle, bleeps to let you know where you lost your keys. Actually, the Sage could do with a few of these. He’s been losing things in the garden. Anyway, we’ve been trying it out. And pretty soon, I hung it up by the door where it couldn’t annoy us any longer, because it seems a bit over-sensitive.  But that seems to have made matters worse. So far, it reacts to Elle’s voice, sometimes to my voice, the cockerel’s voice and, once in a while, to nothing at all.   Oh, it does bleep when you whistle, if it’s at the right pitch. But I don’t think the Sage is inclined to carry it around attached to his keys.

Today’s journey went fine, remarkably speedy. And it has to be said, London drivers are awfully courteous these days. Also, thank goodness for satnavs, which enable complete lack of dither. Well, almost complete. And we had bacon sandwiches and good coffee for lunch.

Good coffee has been one of the Splendid Things that has come out of the last 20 or so years, don’t you think?  Time was, it was undernourished instant almost everywhere. Now, that’s just at the average church hall (I’d like to make it clear that you get delicious coffee and home-made cakes here at Z’s church).

And that reminds me, it’s Harvest Festival tomorrow. I did my effort on Friday, with a basket of vegetables in front of the choir stalls and an arrangement of fruit by the font. I left flowers in a bucket for others to arrange. I spent £45, which may sound quite a lot for fruit’n’veg but not a lot for flowers, but I’m ever the practical Z and I thought the recipients of the produce would like something they can eat. I’m also supposed to make cakes for the lunch after the service. As well as play the clarinet and the organ. Better not have a lie-in tomorrow, I should say. 

11 comments on “Z puts her lips together

  1. Mike and Ann

    Quite agree re satnavs and coffee.Satnav takes and awful lot of stress out of driving/navigating.
    Coffee generally much improved. Do you remember the awful Camp stuff in a bottle, although at a place we stayed in Wiltshire recently, our hostess showed us a bottle of the stuff she keeps for cookery purposes (and, as she is a very good cook, it must have its uses). We didn’t know it was still obtainable.

  2. Anonymous

    Mom actually preferred the instant coffee packets at the U.K. B&Bs to the restaurant coffee. This was before Starbucks.
    Chickory “coffee”is disgusting!

  3. Blue Witch

    £2,000? Good grief! How many people attended?

    And how we ever managed without satnavs I have no idea. Trouble is, there will now be whole future generations who lacks the skill of map reading.

  4. Z

    Oh no! A great long comment and the connection went down when I posted it, so it’s vanished. I can’t do it again, sorry, shorter this time…

    Al likes instant coffee, strong and black, odd child. I suspect the French invented chicory in coffee, so it’s beyond reproach, obviously.

    It’s an amazing result, BW, but they had a lot of generous gifts from local retailers. I bought a pair of new loppers for £7 which was a bargain, but they were given. I probably spent another £10, and have won Clarins products on the raffle so that £2 was well spent. If everyone did the same, you can see how the money was raised.

  5. mig

    I’m addicted to good coffee, can’t believe I used to drink that instant stuff as if it was water. More of it than water even.
    My step father had one of those key fobs for a while. Eventually its battery ran out and he lost it. Just as well.

  6. Z

    I’m so disorganised I have to be efficient. And I’ve got a low boredom threshold combined with extreme laziness, so I have to do a lot of things at the same time while I can be bothered.

    Squiffany thinks that a runny nose is called a Schnozzle because of me offering to wipe it, but of course I call all noses schnozzles.

  7. Z

    It only takes a couple of minutes to make, I don’t know why anyone doesn’t do it. Even if you have to grind the beans, it doesn’t take long.

    I’ve put it in the cloakroom and haven’t heard anything since, which makes me wonder about its efficacy as a lost key finder.


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