Z prepares to swear

Eloise cat coped really well with Benj’s presence, really, but there is no doubt that she is much happier now that he has gone home.  He is coming to stay again, later in the summer, but it won’t be so new to her then, so I trust she will be less edgy.

When I went to the chickens this morning, the four kittens ran to meet me and milled around my feet.  It’s the most trusting they’ve been yet – mother joined them, evidently hunting didn’t go well last night.  I gave them a tin of meat and they all dived in to eat it at once, I gave them another a couple of hours later, then a third this evening.  I’m not saying this is sensible, but it is my only chance of catching them, in due course, and getting them neutered.

Dear friends, Ziggi is in hospital at present and not in a good way.  Of the two possible options (she’s had a scan today but I don’t yet know the outcome), one is bad but bearable and the other is much worse.  None of this is mine to tell, but please give her all your most loving thoughts.  I feel so helpless, much as I try to help.

I’m turning my attention to a necessity to appear in court.  It’s not for more than two weeks and it’s not on my account but on Russell’s, and he is in the right, completely – in short, it’s a judgement in the small claims court that we took out, quite a while ago.  The other party is saying that the whole thing is not true, but we’ve got a stack of emails – darling Weeza is coming to support me, I’m unhappy at the need to go to court, but completely resolute.  It’s so wrong that someone is trying to wriggle out of money he owes – I don’t care about the money but about the lies.

Russell was the old-fashioned sort, as anyone who met him can understand.  He never had a credit card and only in the last year or two of his life would he use a debit card.  He said that his cheque would be honoured and he expected it to be accepted … I went with him when it wasn’t going to be, and handed over my credit card. Having said that, my income goes so much further now than I’d expected, he’d evidently spent a great deal of money he never told me about.

I loved having Benj here and it’ll be quiet tonight.  I have a lot on tomorrow and will have an early night.  I owe emails, but can’t do them now.  Goodnight, darlings.

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