Z prepares for an early night (again)

We took the photos – we had a good system going, with Ro being the gofer, I taking the pictures and Weeza doing the condition report.  I have yet to load them on the computer and cut them down to size, but that’s a must-do tomorrow.

I accidentally let the oldest chicks out on Sunday, I didn’t fasten their coop properly.  They had such a lovely time scratching about that I’ve let them out every day since.  They’re quite good about returning, though it took me twenty minutes to try to persuade the final one in last night – in the end, I had to catch her with a net.  So tonight, when a single (different) one was awkward, I just swooped her up with the net and didn’t waste time.

Mother cat brought a small mouse, dead, and dropped it at my feet.  She’s really doing her very best to ingratiate herself with me.  It was a charming gesture from a feral cat.  Still, she and Eloise are no friendlier and my own cat comes first.  Worryingly, Roses’ cat Rummy didn’t return last night and we can only hope he’s okay and will stroll in soon.  I don’t know how far he strays – Eloise doesn’t go far at all, I just have to watch out that she doesn’t get shut in a barn.

I’ve been emailing governors’ stuff today and will be glad when I don’t have to do it any more.  I’ll miss it, but I can’t take much more of it.  This is my 28th year and my last, I hope.  Last as a governor, that is.  Although who knows? I sort of felt I’d done my duty once Ronan hit 18.  Borrowed time ever since, perhaps.


Update – Rummy returned in the early hours of this morning.  No clue where he’d been, but he’s fine.

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  1. Z Post author

    Last school year, that is, I’ve got until next August to go. I’m sure someone would pay me to catch their chickens, though.


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