Z eats turkey and worries about chickens

It’s been another day when plans have been changed.  I still haven’t done the damn photos.  My meeting this morning took two hours, then I found myself saying I’d go back to school for lunch, sampling the new caterers’ fare.  Roast turkey, very good, by the way.  The finance manager said I should have it free, as a duty meal, but I paid – £2 for a roast turkey dinner is hardly going to break the bank.  After that, off to the blood donor place and 800 ml or whatever the current amount is was drained out of me in no time.  Wiped me out a bit, though, I’ve been tired ever since.

My little chick with the bad leg is still in her box in the tortoise run.  I’ve been quite despondent about her prospects but, for the first time, I fancied she was moving a bit more easily today.  I call the bird ‘her’ because I really don’t want to bring her back to health, only to find it’s a male and for the chop.  I feel quite dreadful about the handsome young cocks in the kitchen garden, they’re lovely looking birds and I can’t do a thing about it, they have to go. Such a pity, they’re more handsome than their father.

Tomorrow, I’m going out for coffee with a friend and then, in the afternoon, I must open today’s post (yes, I’m so far behind with things that I fear the post) and then do those pictures. I’m going out for dinner in the evening.  I’m lying low and hoping for no presents, I’m not in any sort of mood for a birthday present  – and celebrating it seems ridiculous at my age, anyway.  I’ll celebrate 64, if I live that long, because it’s a jolly good number, but that’s all.  I’ve got a couple of cards, which is lovely, it’s nice to be thought of, but there’s nothing I need.  Except a butterdish and a log basket, but I’ll get those myself.  Oh, and I’m going to buy myself a ring before long, I hope.  But not for my birthday.  I’m hoping to get to the Goldsmiths’ Fair this year and I would like to get myself something.  It seems to be assuming some significance for me, to do with caring for myself.  I’ve got to find time to get to London at the right time, though.  So if I don’t, what will that mean?  Hmm.


11 comments on “Z eats turkey and worries about chickens

  1. Tim

    I’ve got two spare log baskets, one big, one smaller, since I succumbed to the coal-effect gas fire in the sitting room. Donee collects.

  2. mago

    Sorry to tell you, but I send an email to the address you mention in the sidebar (under “comments”) and it comes back as undeliverable. Did you change something ?

  3. Bue Witch

    Am I allowed to say ‘Happy Birthday’?

    Hope you’ve had a good day.

    Glad you’ve turned off the nasty comment sign in because it has prevented me from commenting for ages!

    1. Z Post author

      I’m sorry, I don’t know what people are having problems with. I sometimes sign myself out and register under a different email, to be sure it’s working okay and it seems fine, so I can’t work out what I can do to help. I’m not getting spam through the filters at present, so am quite happy to leave it off.


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