Z prepares a half smile

Got a bit of a problem with the wifi.  That is, it suddenly locked us out.  Since the Sage and Al need the internet constantly for eBay (well, I exaggerate, but the Sage isn’t quite happy unless he has his evening fix, and Al had stuff he was selling that finished last night) they weren’t pleased.  Since, among us, my poor knowledge is the best going, it turned into my responsibility.  I’ve fixed it up to an extent, but will need more advice from Ro before we’re going properly.  As it is, we are all using our computers in the kitchen.

The complexity of school governor stuff is increasing.  And likely to increase more.  Ho hum.  Still, I daresay it’ll be interesting.  A governors’ meeting on Thursday and we’re having our photos taken.  Such is the paranoia about safeguarding that now everyone has to have photo id. Pity.  I’m rather attached to my present name badge, which has a little Happy Face sticker on it, courtesy of my friend Caroline who is a teaching assistant there.  Still, I’ll bear the experience with good nature, if not good cheer.  I’m not too fond of having a photo taken of me.

Why is it, by the way, that ‘official’ photos, for passports and suchlike, are always so dreadful?  In my passport, I look terrified.  On the Sage’s driving licence, he looks frightening.  I’ve never seen a good one yet.  The really depressing thing is that they are actually accepted as a likeness.

8 comments on “Z prepares a half smile

  1. martina

    No one I know likes their i.d. photos. I try to wear a red scarf or top when photo is being taken. It makes me look less pale and ghastly.

  2. Dave

    Of course one isn’t allowed to smile for passport or driving licence photos these days, but if the school don’t object, put a big grin on your face and make your own little happy face.

  3. Christopher

    Words of wisdom, Dave, but let us not forget the LMS railway director, who, when asked to show his ticket by an inspector, replied ‘My face is my ticket, my man’ to which the inspector replied that in that case he supposed the director wouldn’t object to having a hole punched in it.

    *hides in broom cupboard*

  4. Rog

    A propos of nix, did you see Daniel Radcliffe performing Tom Lehrer’s Recitation of the Periodic Table on the Graham Norton Show last week?

  5. Z

    Well, the staff photos are pretty unrecognisable, so at least I’ll be in good company.

    No I didn’t, Rog. I’ll check out iplayer.

  6. Blue Witch

    Not for ID purposes, but for driving licence and passport it’s woth paying a professional the £10-£15 they want to do them nicely… it’s only double or triple what a booth costs, and who doesn’t have to redo booth ones?

    When wifi packs up – have a spare cable standing by so you can plug your Mac/PC directly into the router. No password necessary… (I’ve not yet found a router that won’t let me do that, but no doubt someone will know an exception to the rule…)

  7. sablonneuse

    What is it that makes everyone unhappy about their identity photos? Does it mean we all think we’re more attractive than we are or does the camera lie?
    The latter – of course!

  8. Z

    I wouldn’t use a booth, BW. That would be even worse.

    And thank you, that was what I did do – in fact, the router works fine, it’s the booster that we need to have the signal go through to the sitting room and to next door that has shut us out. So the Sage’s computer is plugged into the router and the rest of us are using it wirelessly (for some unknown reason, I can’t persuade it to accept his wirelessly).

    The latter OF COURSE, Sandy. After all, we can all find photos of ourselves that people say are a good likeness. But never in an id photo.


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