The Sage is home

I overslept. I switched the light off around 1, woke around 7, slept again and was woken up by the phone ringing at 9.30. So it’s fair to say I caught up on some sleep. It left me in a hurry to get going, but I arrived at the funeral in Oulton Broad with more than half an hour in hand. All the same, I was too late to sit in the church and had to go into the connecting hall, where there was a video link. It was standing room in there by the time the service started, there must have been 400 or 500 people there altogether. It seems so sad that it’s a mark of how much people think of you, that they can only show it at the last by coming to your funeral.

The Sage got back after a successful trip this afternoon. So things are right around here again. I shall go and cuddle him appreciatively when I’ve written this.

A friend is considering buying an iPad. He has suggested I go with him to try one out. What a good idea. I don’t know quite what he wants out of it, but that’s up to those nice people at the Apple store to discuss with him. I’m quite happy just to have fun. As usual.

10 comments on “The Sage is home

  1. Roses

    That 400-500 leave it until your friend was dead to turn out was sad indeed.

    I’m hoping 400-500 will turn out before I die. I’m looking forward to lots of flowers and wine. I’d like a raucous deathbed thanks.

    Hope you had a good evening cuddling the Sage and you slept well last night.

  2. Pat

    It’s good to catch up with sleep.
    On the rare days we have no early appointments or cleaner we tend to lie in and then there is a panic as to who will answer the door should it ring and now at last it is repaired it often does.

  3. Z

    Dave, you’ve got a Kindle so you’re already an object of envy among all your friends.

    We’re saving the sausages for a day or two, darling. And yay! indeed. *bungs Simon a fiver resignedly*

    He did die very unexpectedly, Roses. I don’t think he was neglected beforehand – in fact, he certainly didn’t neglect his friends or family, as was made clear at the funeral.

    I was up but not down this morning when we had a caller, Pat. Fortunately, the Sage was dressed. It’s awfully nice to have visitors, but it can be better if they don’t arrive too early.

  4. Chairwoman of the bored

    Bet you get an ipad, you little technophile (Is that the way to spell it? Does it exist?).

    Bet you do, bet you do (Just having a primary school moment :).

    I’d love to be putting the tree up this weekend, but the late Chairman wouldn’t discuss Christmas before December 1st (only to find that I’d arrangewd and shopped for everything except his mother’s and Katy’s presents, which I allowed him to think he’d chosen), and prefered to put the tree up on Christmas Eve.

    As these days I have to have somebody do it for me, I usually get Katy to do it round about December 15th, so I’ve 3 weeks to wait!

  5. Z

    Well, I won’t rule it out…don’t encourage me, you know what I’m like!

    I think you should get Katy to put up the tree this weekend. Why wait? It’ll add to the fun. Go on!

  6. Z

    You’re so sensible, darling. Mind you, trouble with having the tree up really early is that you’re fed up with it by Christmas.


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