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A bit of a portmanteau post yesterday and thank you for your lovely comments and good wishes.

Today, I should be cleaning the house a bit – the drawing room has several boxes of presents in it, which I’ll be delivering to my children … um, once the rest of the things I’ve ordered have arrived.  Yes, cutting it slightly fine as I am going away, but it’ll be okay.  If anything doesn’t get here in time, I’ll give it after Christmas.  I never worried much and now I don’t worry at all about that sort of thing.

I’ve even made dinner tonight as easy as possible, having bought smoked salmon, a brace of pheasants, and some white chocolate cheesecake from the excellent baker at the market.  I’ve bought kumquats too, which I’ll poach in syrup (actually, I will poach them first and then add sugar, as I’m not confident that the skins won’t toughen otherwise), which I think will go nicely.  And we’ll eat in the kitchen so that I don’t have to bother with the dining room fire.  How lazy I am, darlings, I’ve always said so but I’m usually too busy to succumb to it.

I’m looking forward very much to going down to Wink’s for Christmas.  I’ve been out for the day often enough, but the only downside there is that you come home and it’s a bit flat and there are no leftovers to eat the next day (a considerable upside is that there are no leftovers to deal with, of course).  Staying away is another matter and I haven’t seen as much of Wink as usual recently, though we’ve been to London a couple of times this autumn.

Tim and I were looking for each other’s first comments on our blogs (I know, darlings, what can I say?) and I found that my blog used to be more entertaining than it is now.  Sorry about that.  I clearly need to lighten up a bit.  Tim did find my comment, by the way and it was in response to a post about music (and, by great good fortune, he mentioned Tom Lehrer) – and his on my blog was about food.  Remarkable – which is the reason I’ve remarked on it, of course.

I keep trying to read in bed and falling asleep too quickly instead, so have only just finished Tim’s book.  It’s really very good.

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    1. Z Post author

      Well, my tenth blogging anniversary is coming up in about six weeks, I’ll have to try to build up a degree of frivolity, charm and ha-ha-ha-ha.


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