Maiden eggs, coming out and Zig

The bantams that were born in June – the 26th, I think, but can’t quite be bothered to check – have started laying.  They should have gone to their new home by now, but it hasn’t quite worked out and if I don’t hear back in the next few days, I might as well keep them.  It’s just four more chooks and I’ve had four eggs this week so far, which is one more than I’ve had from the other sixteen.  I don’t count the mother of the five youngsters who are still in a separate coop.  I ate the first three eggs this evening in a masala omelette (half a red onion and a green chilli cooked in butter, then the lightly beaten eggs, salted, added and omeletised.

I started to wrap presents this morning – usually I don’t start doing this until I’ve bought everything for everyone (except things to be posted, of course), which is generally on Christmas Eve.  But I won’t be here on Christmas Eve and I decided that, as long as I made lists (I already had one list but have made another, with sub-headings), I could risk the panic of being unsure whether I’d treated all my children alike, unpacking everything and starting again.  I was interrupted, after a while, by a phone call from my friend P who, with her husband P, gave me such a lovely holiday on Corfu a while ago.  A good half hour later, having exchanged a few snippets of news, I’d invited them to dinner tomorrow, so we could have a proper chat.  And she has invited me to go with them to Corfu again next year, with Tim.  Ahem.  Yes, hints I’ve been dropping are not without foundation.  He’s not only Lovely Tim, he’s Tim that I love.  He’s no longer house hunting, he’s found what he wants – or who, at any rate.

Moving swiftly on before I start to feel self-conscious, here’s a completely different subject.

I’ve received more info from Zig’s daughters about her funeral and it occurs to me that a few of you might want to make a donation in her memory to the hospice where she was so tenderly cared for; not just at the end of her life but on a number of occasions over the past few years.   Donations go via the funeral directors and the website is  Click on funeral details, then her surname (Ray Brown) and first name (Linda) in the box, click on the details and then there is another heading for donation to charity (Dorothy House).  The funeral directors pick up the credit card commission cost, I see, which is a nice gesture.  Please don’t feel obligated, darlings, but if you wished to know and had no other means of finding out, it’s a good cause in loving memory of a splendid woman and a great friend.

21 comments on “Maiden eggs, coming out and Zig

  1. chairwoman ros

    Clever girl! Some of us hummed and hahhed and didn’t actually realise, and then too late.

    Be happy. Goodness knows you deserve it.

    Didn’t get where though, Tim.

  2. tim

    ‘Where’ is obvs really, isn’t it, Ros, if you’ve studied the backstory? We just need to sort out ‘when’ and ‘how’. Which will happen – but not before Christmas…!

  3. Heybartender

    Hooray! Oh gods I’m just thrilled for you. The BH and I are talking about a holiday in Lindon this year, so perhaps we will finally meet in person!

  4. Blue Witch

    The Zeddery: home to stray cats, and stray bloggers.

    Didn’t I say you’d be starting a commune? 😉

    Be happy both of you; that’s all that matters in life 🙂

    1. Z Post author

      Tim isn’t quite a stray, but I take your point. I expect we’ll have a houseful in another year’s time.

      I learned much from Ziggi, one thing being that time is for seizing, not wasting. \we will be, thank you.

  5. dinahmow

    My reader suffered a malfunction! So I’m late to the party. You are going to have a party?
    Big smiles for you and Tim. I shall have some bubbles later.
    And thank you for the Dorothy House link.


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