Z packs her iPod

So, tomorrow we’re off to London to have a preview of a sale coming up in a few weeks – hang on, link alert… … … here. Start at Lot 210, because we will, although if you could do with some porcelain asparagus servers, check out the earlier lots as there are some splendid examples there. We are taking a friend and whizzing up there and back, spending a mere 4 hours in the Metropolis. Were it all down to me, I’d make a leisurely day of it and visit art galleries and meet chums, but the Sage and our friend are purposeful and so I obey, with good cheer and a willing heart, as ever.

What a lovely day today. I biked into town wearing, on top of normal attire of course, a light jacket and no gloves at all, for the first time since I started this exercise and healthy living nonsense (no, I’m no better for it: a little fitter and thinner, but still the same Z, you will be relieved to know).

I seem to have committed myself to go to a meeting in Liverpool in May. I should have booked a hotel room several months ago, like everyone else. I’ll end up in some dive in a back street. Is Liverpool safe for a small and unfeisty (that’s how I look, honestly) woman like me?

7 comments on “Z packs her iPod

  1. Z

    Slightly tongue in cheek, perhaps, Dave, but it does seem imperative that I book a hotel before long, as vast numbers of society members will be converging at the AGM.

  2. Z

    I’m thinking of having an extra couple of days there while I’m about it – it’s a long way to go for just a meeting when it’s not part of my job. Well, it is, but it’s a voluntary job after all.


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