Z is denied

Not in any pre-cock-crowing sense of course, but Al denied all knowledge of me, or about this blog at any rate. It’s true that he’s never read it, but he does know it exists and has done for a couple of years.

I’ve been discovered, you see, and the discoverer, who is co-proprietor of one of my favourite businesses in town, popped in to the shop to mention it to Al, which was courteous of him. Like most people who don’t read blogs, Al can’t understand why I write one, or read other people’s either.

So, hi Steve *wave*. I’ll blush when I see you next…I see how you found me, I’ve tracked back…

17 comments on “Z is denied

  1. alex the greengrocer

    Just to explain, and defend myself a little, I completely understand the need to blog, thoroughly entertaining form of catharsis (how’s about that for greengrocer college?!), it’s just that I’ve been shanghai’d into the blogworld involuntarily. Was a bit miffed to be confronted by a near-stranger about it. Sorry to deny you ma, at least i didn’t do it thrice! xx

  2. Z

    No defence needed, of course, Al. You’re quite right. Sorry…

    Not your fault of course, Steve, and you haven’t got me into (much) trouble šŸ˜‰

  3. dharmabum

    ok, in this context, z – why have u stopped reading my blog? or is that a wrong assumption made on the basis of your absence specifically in the comments section? šŸ™‚

  4. Z

    Dear Dharmabum, I haven’t stopped reading – I subscribe to your blog on Bloglines and I read every post. Sorry I haven’t commented recently (and quietly gratified to know I’ve been missed…) and I’ll put that right pdq.

  5. Clarissa

    Al sounds like my Mista (though my Mista is not a greengrocer). He does not understand blogging. Even less so does he understand reading others’ blogs. Sometimes he wonders who I am.

  6. Malc

    Disturbing, isn’t it, when a real person (the sort you live next door to) says they read your blog. A bit inhibiting for a while, I’ve found.

  7. Z

    Clarissa, my family used to think of me as the reliable, steady one. Not any more…

    Malc, I agree, though I told a couple of friends about it about two years ago and they read it for a while (don’t know if they do now) so I came to terms with that aspect of it then. My family worry about my exhibitionist tendencies.


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