Z notices the time

Oh dear, it’s nearly Monday already.  The Sage and I are going to London, as I think I said – we’ll be viewing the sale at Bonhams and, as we unexpectedly have time in hand, he wants to go to the V&A as well.  That sounds all right to me, and we can have a jolly day together.

That’s quite unusual in fact – not that we’re jolly or together, but both at the same time, and on an outing to boot.

We had another outing today, as it happens – we visited friends near London for lunch.  The other side of London – it was a 240 mile round trip, which seems a long way for lunch, but we had a splendid time.  Our friends were on great form – they’re in their 80s, although you’d never think it to see or listen to them.

I’ve only just finished work and there are more things to do, but I’ve run out of time.  I need sleep.

15 comments on “Z notices the time

  1. sablonneuse

    Dave, assuming you live somehere near Z why did you need a satnav to find Surlingham? (Though I admit that from what I remember Norfolk is not terribly well signposted in the countryside is it?)
    Hope it’s not too hot in London for you, Z.

  2. Z

    Hope your company was as good as ours, Dave.

    I suspect that Dave keeps a complete record of his mileage, average speed and fuel use and uses the satnav to facilitate his record-keeping. Am I right, Dave?

    Roses, is ‘satnav’ your word for ‘men’? (present company entirely excepted, of course).

    I’m expecting a hot day and have provisioned my bag accordingly.

  3. Pat

    How do you get round the eternal problem of lunching and driving? I realise people have varying limits – I find I have to be totally abstemious if at the wheel.

  4. Dave

    I knew how to get to Surlingham from here. The problem was I wasn’t starting from here, so thought I’d use the sat nav to set me off in the right direction.

    I do not keep records of my mileage, average speed and fuel use, other than the log of my business mileage, so that I can claim expenses.

  5. 63mago

    The idea that someone or something always can locate my car is a bit disturbing to me. So thanks, no satnav for me, and generally as few electronics as possible in my car. Hope you enjoy London.

  6. Roses

    Please note, Dave refused to trust his passenger.

    No, satnav isn’t another adjective for men. I like them well enough, I just haven’t found one I can put up with for more than half a day.

  7. Dave

    Dave did not refuse to trust. He left his sat nav in the boot on the way back, assuming his passenger knew the way back to her house.

  8. Z

    A glass and a bit, Pat, with food and a space of at least an hour between drinking and driving.

    Dave, darling, I teased. Though I half believed it and am duly reassured.

    Sadly, Mago, my phone is always on so Big Brother can track me anyway, so a satnav doesn’t really make any difference. But I only use it occasionally and it really comes into its own in busy suburbs.

    Dave is cautious, Roses. I find that quite attractive in a man *relishes the thought of worrying Dave*’

  9. Z

    A friend of mine was most amused when, being given a lift, the satnav was put on even though he was sitting there telling her the way to his house.

  10. luckyzmom

    We had a lot of fun with the talking GPS which we referred to as the “b*tch in the box” that our friend (who travels alot) brought with him to the reunion we all attended the middle of May in the Washington DC area.

    Months earlier though, he used it to visit our home on one of his business trips and the GPS took him on a different route than we take. Just the same, I would love to have one myself. The “b*tch” and I could become great friends.

  11. Z

    When I used mine to drive to Weeza’s (ex) flat in London, it took us on a different route than hers – but she reckoned it was far shorter and one she’d never have tried for fear of getting lost in Bethnal Green.


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