Z needs to stop dithering and decide

I had decided. I’d decided to defer my decision.

I’m still going on about my veggie patch. I don’t know what I want to put in there, or how much more room I really need or how to divide it up. So, for this year, I thought I’d make 8 beds, each a couple of metres wide and twenty-something feet long (I”m bilingual, you see and think in metres or feet, whichever is easiest at that moment) and see how it goes.

I went out to pace it out. And the Sage followed me, all cheery and smiling, to tell me that he has arranged the loan of a cement mixer and the help of a very good friend, and we can put in the (permanent) concrete paths within the next week or two.

This is like having a commitment-phobe partner who, after several years of fobbing off suggestions of moving in together, suddenly comes round with sheaves of property details to view, a wedding booking form, rings and arrangements already made for a honeymoon. You’ve wanted this for ages, so you can hardly protest now that you need a little more time and how about next year?

However, right now I’m off to church to make up Mothering Sunday posies to be given out in the service tomorrow. That’s guesswork too – I sent out an email a week ago, asking for flowers, greenery and helpers. I’ve had two replies. I explained that I’d appreciate replies as I need to know what to expect.

I don’t think I’m a control freak, it’s just so much easier if you have some idea in advance. I’ve bought 18 bunches of daffodils and have picked more. One has to guess how many posies to make up anyway, so at least I’d like something as a definite.

Sod it. I’ll take along a packet of chocolate biscuits. So at least those of us who do turn up can have a spot of self-indulgence (though, the amount of cake I’ve eaten in the past week, I have no excuse at all).

8 comments on “Z needs to stop dithering and decide

  1. martin

    Z , How many turned up to make the posies ?. Did you eat all the choccie biscuits ?. I am fascinated by your quandary about the veggie patch as I have never had a garden being a city boy. I hope that when I move to sussex, I will have a quandry just like yours. I have all the books already, indeed Monty Don is my hero……

  2. Z

    Martin, my cliffhanger wasn’t quite that exciting, was it? Do I get a hint of a tease?

    There were three of us and we didn’t finish the biscuits. Since the person down to do coffee with me tomorrow has come down with shingles today, I’ve left the packet and will get more, and milk, for tomorrow.

    Making the permanent beds of the size I wanted was the most sensible veggie-related decision I’ve ever made. I was so young and so sorted. *Sigh*

  3. martin

    Tease ?. Moi ?. No way. I don’t want to fall out with you, you may withdraw the offer of rooms, with champers at dinner…… would there be a full English on offer in the mornings ?. I also like kippers.

  4. PI

    I sympathise – both about the concrete paths and the lack of people helping. I’m sure your posies will be lovely. Because M Day and my Birthday are so close together the house is brimming with flowers at this time of year – which gives me great joy.
    Happy M Day for tomorrow.

  5. A wildlife gardener

    I hope you get lots of helpers, but, if not, a single daffodil from a little one would still melt any mother’s heart. It’s the thought that counts. So, if no one else turns up, eat up the choccie biccies, cos you deserve them.

  6. Z

    turn off at the A140 Martin, then onto the A143.

    There may not be any choccie biccies left though, because I just might have eaten them all.


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