Aren’t, Ain’t, Amn’t, Int I?

No votes for amn’t I. Most for aren’t, followed closely by ain’t/int (I’m allowing for regional variations here) and one, slightly confusingly, for am I.

The reason I ask is that I only know two people, who don’t know each other, who say or write “amn’t I?” And both of them are gay men. I do not suggest anything from this, I’m just mentioning it.

Happy Mothering Sunday to any and all of you who have, or who ever have had, a mother.

It’s just four years since my mother died. In her sleep, in her own bed, with me and my daughter asleep in the next room. Not at all a bad way to go and I’m not remembering it sadly.

11 comments on “Aren’t, Ain’t, Amn’t, Int I?

  1. Dandelion

    Were they from the same geographical location? Or maybe they were copying the same gay icon (did Judy Garland say “amn’t”?)

    I think it’s interesting and nice that you wish the happy mothers’ day to the offspring of mothers, rather than the mothers themselves, which is who I always thought it was supposed to be happy for.

    I hadn’t thought of it this way round. Maybe it was always the one day of the year that she was supposed to mother me…strangely, this compounds my sense of loss, but in a good way.

    I say, Happy Mothering Sunday to you, because you are a mother.

  2. Wendz

    Have a lovely day Z – I hope your family are going to spoil you rotten…you deserve it.

    I suppose you’re at church now, thumping away on your organ…:) – don’t know why but that thought always tickles me…in a good way, of course.

  3. Z

    Dandelion, they are from completely different parts of the country. I’ve no idea, it’s just that it’s a way of phrasing ‘am I not’ that I’ve only ever heard from two people.

    Not all of us are mothers, but we all have or had them. I’m being lovingly inclusive.

    Wendz, as ever, glad to tickle. I’ve got another hour before I need to leave. Time for breakfast and a look at the papers first.

  4. How do we know

    I am for Am I Not? 🙂 Sorry, late voting, me knows… but..

    I also liked the fact that your wishes are for ppl who have mothers and not just for the mothers.. true, we should celebrate the fact that we have had mothers!

  5. martin

    Z, when you are playing the organ at church do you roll your head like stevie wonder ?. Please may I have an up date on the choccie biscuit front ?. And were there enough posies ?. And i wonder how I will find you, will I have to wander around Norwich looking at lady’s eyes…. I feel I may get arrested.

  6. Z

    Am I not – undoubtedly correct, but a whole extra syllable here. Some of us have time on our hands, it seems…

    Martin, Stevie Wonder has the advantage of me there. I need to read the music.

    The choccie biscuits were all eaten and three cafetières-full of coffee were drunk, as was a pot of tea. There were plenty of posies, thank you.

    I will be in Norwich on Tuesday, that will be a good day to look at eyes without getting arrested. Well, if you find the right pair of eyes, that is.

  7. martin

    That is a long shot for tuesday. Are there any other clues ?. Areas etc. I may come up soon to see jimmy on his pig farm, he’s a nice chap.

  8. Z

    Martin, the clues are all in the blog, if you look for them. Town, village, proximity to spired building… am I not (!) worth a little research? Or my food, anyway.

  9. martin

    I believe you are worth alot of research, I will have to re read all your blogs……… I hope it’s a good champagne, krug at the very least.

  10. Z

    hey, isn’t the welcome warm enough without specifying the fizz?

    500 or so posts is a lot of research though. Good luck.


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