Z moves on

I said too much yesterday.  Sorry.  Um…let’s see…

Elle is going to stay with a friend tomorrow for a couple of weeks, then back to Germany for a long weekend, then she has various things lined up.  It’s great having her here, it’s giving us zest.

Otherwise, not a lot of news – it’s only too apparent why I retreated into the past, and I’m aware that I never finished off the dog saga and must do that next.  I found a photo of Chester in his old age, lying on the sofa and will show it to you.

I had a haircut today.  My hairdresser has opened a second salon in Beccles, so I drove over to support the venture, paper the house, as it were.  My hair was washed by a young girl on a day’s trial – she had applied for an apprenticeship.  I don’t know if she will be taken on, there was a slight problem with the shower hose and, when my hair had been cut and was nearly dry, my hairdresser stopped.  “It hasn’t quite been rinsed, do you mind if it’s washed again?  Have you time?”  I had, though I was cutting (heh!) it fine with the car park, and so now my four times washed and twice conditioned hair is about as soft as it has been since babyhood.

Tomorrow, it’s the governors’ AGM.  I fear there is little likelihood of a challenge to my chairmanship.  However, I have to acknowledge that it gives me purpose … I do have an exit strategy and I am planning my retirement.

I’m quite pleased with my haircut, actually.  It’s shorter than usual, which makes me feel efficient.  But I won’t be efficient this evening.  One more email, then I’m going to sit by the fire and read the papers.

5 comments on “Z moves on

  1. 63mago


    A haircut can do wonders – sadly they do not find enough hair on my head anymore to cut …

    A technical question: Sorry, I am simply not familiar with these shortcuts, what means “AGM”? A General Meeting?

  2. PixieMum

    Have been thinking about the problem concerning your involvement with the auctions and wondered if some one else could take on your role, so the Sage can continue or maybe scale down the number of sales.

    Maybe there is a Mum who would wish to take on a freelance, part time job in school hours. Another option would be a retired person who doesn’t wish to vegetate.

    Ian and I made a point of having some separate interests a long while ago after his nearly fatal DVT, it has worked well.

  3. Z

    Sorry Mago, initials are so easy to slip into overusing – Annual General Meeting. I’ll be re-elected, without doubt.

    Fortunately, the hair on my head is not thinning and only slightly greying.

    Thank you very much, Madeleine – we have already agreed that two sales a year are far better than three. It’s not really practicable for anyone else to take on my job, unfortunately, for several reasons.


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