Z motivates myself

The only thing to do was to regain motivation. So I made a list of household jobs, ranging from the everyday or every week to the one-off. It includes emptying the dishwasher but not preparing food, because I want things to tick off reassuringly, but to challenge a bit. Anyway, we managed seven today. A daily thing will be emailing/messaging or phoning friends.

Today’s good things –

1 The first load of wood has been delivered for the new fence down the drive. I’m so sorry you won’t see it this summer, but I’ll post pictures, of course. I asked for the better quality wood and I’m very pleased with it. It’s attractive and also smooth – when grandchildren finally visit again, they will certainly run their hands along the rails as they go down the drive, so I didn’t want them to get splinters.

2 Tom Tree Surgeon phoned to bring forward the date for judiciously cutting back the oak. He wasn’t able to do it on the original date because the cherry picker broke down, so he arranged for early April, but he says that he can see oak buds swelling and doesn’t want to wait that long. I like Tom, he cares about trees.

3 Well, there isn’t much more, actually, apart from the various things from the to-do list. But a cheerfully tranquil day with Lovely Tim, a brave face when I want to be with all the people I love, a good night’s sleep, they’re all going to count, even if it would look a little desperate to give them each a number. Ordinary life isn’t meant to be itemised. But –

4 The birdsong is lovely in the spring.

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