Z lacks motivation

I’m not the most motivated of Z’s, it seems. I did fanny bloody all this morning. I did pull myself together and cook lots of food this afternoon, for the sake of using up raw and leftover stuff, so we’re pretty well sorted for a bit. All the same, having realised we’re down to our last lemon, I’ve put in an order for the greengrocer, hoping that after dinner isn’t too late. But if it is, we will make a quarter of a lemon last.

Alex and family are in quarantine because he and Dilly have bad coughs. They’re both rather front line. Two of the children have colds, but that isn’t anything extra, probably. It’s Squiffany’s birthday on Friday, poor darling. But we are all sensible – how could any of my family be anything but sensible? – and she will make the best of it. I’ve sent her a present and I appreciate Amazon, however evil it is. I’ve sent a few random presents to spread the love, as well.

Having said I can’t make it to next week’s meeting, others agreed and then it was decided to try videoconferencing. That disconcerted me. i don’t like seeing myself online – but yes, fair enough, having said I’m staying at home, I can hardly say I can’t be there for an online meeting. We trialled it this afternoon and I found that my browser wouldn’t support the app, but it’s dealt with now. Trying again on Friday, when hopefully there will be more than three of us. And then ready for the actual meeting on Wednesday. I have no idea how necessary this is, particularly now that schools have closed for most children and that exams have, as sensibly as anything else that has been decided, been cancelled.

I know, I said only yesterday that the current events are not what this blog is about, but it’s all that’s on my mind at present. I will do better, I assure you. I will finish with a few positives.

1 I spent an hour or two cooking this afternoon, so that’s meals sorted for most of the week.

2 I’ve ordered lemons from the greengrocer (that’s by no means all I’ve ordered, of course) on the assumption that Tim doesn’t run out of gin.

3 I have had some lovely online chats with friends and we are bucking each other up. I like to think that this is something I’m good at, but I also appreciate backup for me too and I’ve received it.

4 It is spring and nature is lovely at this time of year, every year, no matter what.

5 Pollution must be way down.

3 comments on “Z lacks motivation

  1. Blue Witch

    An old friend has been battling to get a very high-tech online meeting service expanding. Something totally different and streets ahead of video conferencing.

    He pulled out of a buy-out by a very large company last year as it wasn’t enough £££ to cover their R&D and start-up costs.

    Methinks he’ll be in the money shortly!!!

    Hope you all stay bug-free and healthy.

  2. Scarlet

    Ack, I hate seeing myself online as well – but if I have to, sigh, I will.
    I spend a lot of time alone, and watching people take up my lifestyle is curious. Meanwhile, I have volunteered my services for dog-walking, and Mr Blue will be picking up prescriptions etc, for those who are isolating in our tiny hamlet. I have this weird feeling that I will end up knowing more people at the end of this than before!
    I think the positive impact on pollution/climate will be of great interest to scientists.

  3. Z Post author

    Glad that someone should make a healthy legitimate profit out of this awful situation, BW.

    Scarlet, I’m very comfortable with my own company and often spend several days without going anywhere as well. Must say that I’m very glad of the internet now, though. Pictures of Venice with fish and dolphins are just lovely. I’d like to think that the impact will last. Can’t imagine cruise ships, especially the huge ones, with regain their appeal for a while.


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