Z makes vague and unstructured, and fairly well useless plans

I’m not looking for anything life-changing here. I am looking for some things to plan that I will enjoy, but that require a degree of effort on my part. I’m not going to put here anything that I’ll feel a failure for if I don’t do them. In essence, these are frivolous resolutions which, successfully completed, will please me but not really mean anything at all. Well, except for no. 4, because that involves other people, but that will also be done simply for a sense of achievement and for fun.

Here we go…

1. Learn at least one poem. Last June, I recited one, spontaneously and unexpectedly, from a theatre stage in front of 200 people. I had learned that when I was 15.

2. Knit something and wear it. I haven’t knitted anything since teaching Ro to knit some 15 years ago.

3. Get to grips (in a listening sense) with a classical composer whose work I don’t know much about.

4. Meet at least two fellow bloggers.

5. Do something I’ve never done before. Hm. That’s a bit vague. I’d say, something unexpected or out of character, but I’m a bit easy going there and not quite sure what my character dictates. Any suggestions? I reserve the right to say no. Or maybe. Or jolly good idea but why don’t you do it instead, sweetheart, and tell me all about it? Remember, it has to be enjoyable (by my definition) and essentially frivolous, but if I like the idea, I’ll put in the effort.

Any suggestions for poems or composers will be earnestly considered. But don’t feel obliged.

It’s actually twenty past six on Wednesday evening, but I’ll post-date this to after midnight, because – well, I might forget later, I might come back and add something though. If you have any ideas, go ahead. I’m quite open to suggestions.

Midnight + ten minutes – It is after midnight now and Ro and I are watching fireworks on the Thames. On television, that is. Goodnight, good morning and have a good year.

22 comments on “Z makes vague and unstructured, and fairly well useless plans

  1. Gordie

    Those are all nice ideas! How come you sound slightly deflated? (or is it me?)

    For composers, I recommend Erik Satie or Arvo Part. Happy New Year.

  2. Caitlin

    Happy New Year Z! I like those resolutions, I’ve just said something about resolutions on my blog, yours are prefect ‘doable’ and not painful at all.

  3. Dave

    How odd. The only resolution I made last night was to try to learn some poetry this year. I shall blog about my efforts next week, I expect.

    Happy New Year.

  4. Z

    Oh, do I? Maybe it was because of the emphasis on purposelessness, which may have come over as negativity. It wasn’t meant to.

    I think I’ll start with the knitting, as i may have some time next week when I’m in the shop. Thanks for suggestions (and non suggestions 😉 Jamie)

  5. peaceableimperatrix

    What great resolutions!

    We used to have poetry summers with the girls. It was great fun (except that the Consort did Dover Beach and wouldn’t stop reciting it during our visit to Dover!) That’s how the girls learned Jabberwocky, and recited it at school during an impromptu talent show — impressed the bejeesus out of one of the moms who had a tendency to put down all children but her own (hah!).

    Arvo Part — I’ve wanted to get to know his work after hearing some snippet of his on a radio interview of the author of “Ladies Detective Agency”.

    Enjoy the knitting. Since you have several little people surrounding you, you’ll be able to complete things quickly (I much prefer to knit for babies and toddlers for just that reason).

  6. Eddie 2-Sox

    My Wonderful Z does not sound deflated! Maybe a little New Year’s Eve’d.

    Re 4 and 5, I would happily teach you orienteering. If you like the idea, and can’t do it already, I’ll start having a think.

    Sandwiches not provided, compass and maps are.

  7. Z

    Aw Dandelion, you’re lovely.

    That’s an impressive party piece, is there any chance you know anything shorter. Like a sonnet, for instance?

    I was a bit whiskied out by the end of the evening, Simon, but not when I wrote it. I’d like to try orienteering, as long as it’s in the summer. I was a bit limpy after today’s three miles on rough ground at this time of the year. I’m a bit rubbish at map reading though. Which is the point of teaching me. Of course. 😀

  8. Dandelion

    Yes, but sonnets are for babies. If you’re going to go to the bother of learning a poem, I’d suggest you make it worth your while. Something a bit meaty and satisfying, you know.

  9. Z

    I used to know great chunks of Milton, who is very satisfying, but that was a long time ago. Anyway, I’m in my dotage, so final babyhood is not far away.

  10. Blue Witch

    I can’t remember if I said HNY before. It’s old age you know…

    Revolutions – no, don’t do them, don’t encourage others to either (no-one needs excuses to feel they’ve failed after all) 😉

  11. Z

    Ah, but you know I’m not taking it seriously. I don’t want to feel I’ve failed either. HNY to you too (I think I’ve wished you that on your blog, but just in case)

  12. luckyzmom

    After a long hiatus, I was recently inspired to dig out my knitting and to knit, some of the long (64″) skinny (16 stitches) scarves, that are popular here now, using the Lion Brand “Fun Fur” yarn. Easy, fast, fun way to ease back into knitting.


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