Z feels warm and affectionate

A short post, because I’m thinking ahead and have done with this year already.

I have used the last of the Christmas joint, with a shepherd’s pie (I suppose it should be lamb, but this is a beef shepherd’s pie) and a casserole, and there is a panful of lovely beef stock from the bones in the fridge which must be used for something really delicious. I don’t know what yet.

I laboured heavily into town – the coming of winter has made me realise I’m actually no fitter for a year’s cycling and I was unable to get up the little (but awkward) hill to the post office, but had to get off and walk for the first time in many months. Although I’ve been home for two hours, I still haven’t taken off my scarf and I feel like Rupert Bear, but without the checked trousers. Tilly is stretched out contentedly in front of the fire, which needs more coal put on soon. It will disturb her so I’ll leave it for a few more minutes.

I am honing and polishing (that is, vaguely starting to contemplate) New Year Resolutions. I never had them before having a blog, but I do now. They will be small and achievable, but definite extras. I will be inspired by last autumn’s learning of countries and their capitals. It gives me pleasure and satisfaction, when an African (for instance) country is mentioned, to place it, with its capital city, on a mental map, with the countries that surround it. I am vastly pleased to have learned the US state capitals, which I had thought was impossible.

I hope you have a wonderful evening, whether you see in the New Year (and remember the Leap Second) or are long asleep and I hope that 2009 will bring you everything you wish for. And thank you.

10 comments on “Z feels warm and affectionate

  1. Z

    There are schools of thought here. One is that shepherd’s pie is seasoned meat, with onion etc, and cottage pie has vegetables in it, such as carrots, peas, to eke out the meat. Another is that shepherd’s is lamb and cottage is beef. A third is that you can start with minced raw meat. I don’t agree with that at all, It has to be meat that is cooked in the piece and then minced. And eaten with tomato ketchup.

  2. martina

    It is just a few minutes after midnight your time. HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR TO Z AND FELLOW READERS!!
    The resolution here is to take the dogs for more walks, even if it is raining. To be less judgemental and critical of others is another goal. We will all be sound asleep from 10pm the din of the fireworks and banging of pans at midnight. That is when the one dog gets nervous and tries to hide under the nightstand…


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