Z makes plans

As I said a few weeks ago, I intend to go out as much as I can. I have no plans to go abroad this year – my passport runs out in September, but it’s already out of date as far as the EU is concerned, now that we’re a 3rd country without any member privileges. But Wink and I are having a night in London in June, going to the theatre on the Saturday evening and tennis at Queens Club on the Sunday (Wink is keen on tennis) and then to Wimbledon a couple of weeks later. I’ve also got various local theatre and other trips booked. I’ve got visits to Pembrokeshire planned in the early summer and then in August with Ro and the children and I’ll manage another trip, probably, at the end of October and Wink and I are having a week in Kent in September. I think I’ll find it hard to fit in another holiday unless it’s in the winter, as I’m busy most of the time – that is, not necessarily every day, but a few times every week. I will cancel things that are only done for duty though, I’m just not getting stuck with giving up social and pleasure occasions any more.

Nicest of all, I’ve been invited to a wedding reception in September with Ro – Zain and he have been friends since university days which, now I think of it, means 20 years or more. And he and I have always got on well too, which is lovely. I think it’s a pity when you only have friends of your own age, though I suppose that Zain is one of my youngest friends now.

It’s a funny thing that I’m often so tired in the evenings that I have to go to bed early – I mean drop-down exhausted, not sleepy – but I’m all right when I’m out. Much as I like being alone, I suppose I’m stimulated by company and forget to be tired.

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