Things that go in threes…

The other day, Badgerdaddy, my ex-blogger friend who used to live in Yagnub, got in touch for a chat. He’s in Wales now, not too far from Ludlow (where I visited him ten or so years ago) so it might not come off, but he did talk about the possibility of coming to the blog party. And then today, Rhonda, my not-a-cousin but we’re family, whom I stayed with near Atlanta last year, video-called. Just now – as in half an hour ago – John, formerly of Publog, phoned. So I’ve been chatty and everything, darlings.

Rhonda and her daughter Tori will be flying to Cyprus on Friday for a fortnight, where they’ve got friends, then to Paris and next, on Eurostar, to London, so they are visiting the Zedery for a week or so in about a month’s time. We’re all really looking forward to it. And I’ve promised to call on John next time I go to the caravan – it wasn’t possible when I went there at Easter.

If anyone I haven’t seen for a year or more phones me later this week, it’ll negate the rule of three. Unless it starts another three, of course, which will just double the fun.

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