Z makes lists – and ticks things off

I’ve gone for a very simple cold meal, very similar to the last blog party, except simpler salads because some of the children might prefer ingredients not to be mixed, and I’m doing some of the puddings, all of which you lovely people brought in June – with the result that I ate nine helpings.  So the whole ham is cooked and cooling, the chickens are cooked, the salmon is yet to be cooked in the morning, the sausage rolls are made but not cooked, the sausages are yet to be cooked.  The queen of puddings is cooked up to the jam and meringue stage, the sauce for the sticky toffee pudding is made but not the pud itself, the chocolate orange soufflé is made.  Weeza has brought apple crumble and a chocolate orange cake, two other people are bringing cold desserts.  I’ve got cheese, bread and various etceteras.  I need to skin the cooked ham tonight and put away some papers.  I remembered to put Edweena away where she won’t be disturbed.  Bex and family are having Ben for the day.

I feel lonely, dammit.  But one has to face up to things.  They don’t get easier later, if one ducks out of a situation now.

If I get my act together and am ready in time tomorrow, I shall wear a sari, which I hope will please my co-mother-in-law, Suleha.  We mums must stick together!

8 comments on “Z makes lists – and ticks things off

  1. kipper

    I often feel lonely while prepping for parties too, can’t explain it. The festivities sound wonderful and ooooh the yummy food! Perhaps you can treat us all to a photo with your co-mother-in-law with you both wearing saris?

  2. Z Post author

    I’ve ticked everything off on my list for tonight. Weeza and Phil went off to the pub once the children were in bed – they were going to meet a friend and they’ve evidently gone back to his place, as the pub is shut by now. I’m off to bed in a minute.

    I have three saris, a deep red one with a red and gold blouse, a royal blue one and a lilac one – I’ll probably wear the blue, but I haven\’t decided for sure. I don’t know if anyone will be taking pictures!

  3. LZM

    Will be attending a retirement party this evening. What to wear is always such a concern for me. I have no doubt that your choice will be spectacular and so will the party. I have experienced the loneliness that you speak of . I expect it may be because we are so good at organizing parties and such and reach a point where we would really like to be sharing it and so that strange yearning. Just speculating as I am so often doing.

    1. Z Post author

      I did wear the blue sari and Suleha was delighted and we’re now firm friends. We both told each other we looked beautiful! I’m not sure there were any pictures though, but there were of the food and the rooms! We all had a lovely time.

  4. chairwoman ros

    Big hugs, Sweetie. Made big decision to rehome Ella today. She needs far more activity thanI can give her. She’s a young extremely intelligent working dog and needs to be doing agility or obedience work, neither of which I am currently up to. A Belgian Malinois may look similar to a German Shep but is a completely different kettle of fish. I shall try to give a loving home to an older cat friendly German Shepherd who wants gentle walks and fireside cuddles. Shed many guilty tears over this. I’ve never given a dog away before and I do love her, but she’s bored, and getting over protective with me, so I hope we will find her the right happy home.

    1. Z Post author

      I’m so sorry, I know you must have agonised over this. It’s partly because I knew I was not giving Ben all the exercise he needed at present that I decided to give him away, but also because he and my friends love each other so. He loves me too (and I him, of course) and I wouldn’t have done it otherwise, so your situation is more painful than mine. You’re being unselfish and showing a great understanding of what Ella needs, but I know it can’t really feel like that at the moment. Lots of love to you xxx


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