Z drops in to say hello

I’ve been neglectful, darlings, I’m sorry.  Lovely Charlotte stayed on after Sunday’s party and yesterday I was very busy getting things sorted out before, today, coming down to visit Zig again. She started chemotherapy last Thursday and isn’t feeling great and, with my usual optimism that my very presence will do some good, I insisted on coming to see her.

Now I’m in bed with two dogs and a kitten and I’m absurdly sleepy and I don’t think I can write much more tonight. The party was lovely, Suleha was duly charmed to see me in my sari and we assured each other that  – no, that’s not what I mean – each assured the other that she was beautiful.  I’m afraid that no photos were taken of us, though several were taken of the food!

Zig was concerned that I have too much to do at home to stay here all week, so I’ve simply brought a box of paperwork with me. I’m not at all sure if I’ll get it done, but let’s hope I’ll do something. In fact, I got a vital job done before I left, that had been hanging over me and worrying me for ages but which I felt unable to deal with, just because paperwork makes me cry at the minute. So having a deadline was excellent, because now I’ve done it and that’s one thing that doesn’t have to be done again.

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