Z & LT raise a glass. Two glasses. Each…

We have modest ambitions, LT and me.  This morning, we compared what we wanted to have achieved by the end of the day.  For LT, it was bring in some fuel for the fires, iron at least three shirts and – oh, I’ve forgotten the third.  For me, it was phone my consultant’s secretary, deal with the vat of stock that had been made yesterday (it had to be strained etc and a lot of washing up done) and sort out the remaining documents for this Wednesday’s auction.  Of course, there were the usual everyday jobs and so on – and we did them all.  So it feels like an achievement, though only because we decided it would be.

We are busy every day, though.  I do have more time, now I’ve relinquished the governor stuff (apart from a couple of directorships, they’ll carry on for a little more time), but that mostly makes me wonder how I fitted everything else in.  We’d like to fit in a couple of nights away, a mini-honeymoon, but I looked in my diary today and realised we’d be pushed to manage it in November.  We’ve reserved a few days though and will keep them free.

LT invited me out to lunch to celebrate our first anniversary – it is a whole month since we got married.  And we drank champagne this evening.  Blessings to count every day and we want never to take anything for granted.  We will sometimes, of course, everyone does.  But we always want to remember to stop and wonder and be vastly appreciative.

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