Z has fun

It wouldn’t be worthwhile if it were not fun.  It’s a lot of work, on and off, over months and it would be silly to try to cost out my time.  But I do enjoy the auctions and it’s good to see that others do too.  Some new clients this year, a few absentees, a nice buzz in the saleroom and LT said he enjoyed it too.

I found myself bidding for one piece and then found I’d bought it.  Afterwards, my colleague D said he’d bid for it too.  Haha.  We should have compared notes beforehand.  I had liked it all along but I did bid on impulse.  Because that’s fun too.

5 comments on “Z has fun

  1. Tim

    My first ever auction experience – certainly as any kind of participant. The bottom end of a learning curve can often be a real buzz.

  2. savannah

    I have never been to an auction! There are some great ones here in our little town, I’ve been told. I mus t remedy this situation very soon! 😉 xoxoxo

    1. Z Post author

      Yes, they’re great fun. Especially if you’re buying or selling, of course, it gives you an extra excitement!


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