Z loves the moon

I’ve done a whole lot of work this evening, though not in my own house. Good Deed for the day done however. They’ll be reasonably ready for the removal men in the morning.

Otherwise, not a lot to report. We’re looking forward to bricklaying tomorrow and the weather should be good. Have you noticed the beautiful new moon? – it was new last night in fact, but still a perfect crescent. I enjoy the moon in all its phases. When I used to walk dogs late at night, I was very aware of the phases of the moon and the alignment of the planets. Do you remember the comet Hale-Bopp a few years ago? I loved that. Its position in the sky was a little different every night.

We never took a torch – well, once I did, for no reason, when I was on my own and a lucky thing it was, because I nearly trod on a large hedgehog. I think we’d both have been rather hurt. But usually we enjoyed the darkness. That is, as much darkness as one is allowed nowadays. I wish street lights were still switched off for the early hours.

Work to do in the morning, I’m going to bed. Goodnight.

13 comments on “Z loves the moon

  1. lom

    Where I live its impossible to see but the brightes stars, (too much light) I love it when we go out into the country side and you can see the vast amount of stars that seem to go on forever.

  2. Z

    I don’t care at all for the insistence on bright street lights. Why don’t they all have hoods so that at least there is darkness above? And why does every street have to have them on all night?

  3. Dave

    They do at least save me having to put the hall lights on when I retire to bed, as the street light opposite shines through my hall windows and I’m able to make my way upstairs without wasting any of my electricity.

    I knew paying my council tax would give me some benefit.

    Sorry for deletion – too many typos.

  4. Z

    Yes, but they could go off at, say, 1 in the morning. I resisted the grumpy impulse of exaggeration in suggesting that they be done away with.

  5. Z

    And don’t you know your way upstairs? There’s a clue – you just keep climbing the steps in the order given.

  6. Blue Witch

    In some areas round here where they have Parish Councils (ie not larger towns), residents are being given the choice of voting on whether street lights should go off after midnight (as they are paid for out of the Parish rate levied in the overall Council Tax). In most places they have voted ‘no’ even though they’d get some money (a few pence not pounds) off their council tax.

    Safety and fear of burglary was the main reason for one area saying no, I read. Which is daft as I’m sure burglars love the light as it helps them see what to nick!

    We don’t have street lights here, but there is now a glow on every horizon, whereas even 10 years ago it was pitch black which was lovely.

  7. Z

    We don’t even get Trick or Treaters to our house. They are afraid of the long dark drive, or perhaps they can’t be bothered to walk that far.


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