Z lists just one. Which isn’t a list, really.

Being the cautious type, I didn’t put out the plants we bought at the street market – it wasn’t that I seriously thought there might be another frost, but we’ve had some cold winds and they can set plants back quite badly.  But, though it’s not reliably warm yet, we decided to plant up some pots today, with pelargoniums and so on.  We moved them about a bit first – there’s still more to do in this regard, I’ve got some old sinks that we want to plant up, but we haven’t found the right place for them yet – and so the place is starting to look ready for summer.  Tim is going back to his other home on Wednesday and we’re busy tomorrow, so this was the only chance, though I’ve got courgettes and so on to plant by the weekend.

That’s today’s only achievement, but one per day is quite all right.

Tomorrow, we’re going to a piss-up in a brewery.

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