Not too lazy Sunday

Today’s achievements

1 The roast pork had perfect crackling.  There’s some pork left, but none of the crackling.

2 About a third of the wood pile has been cut up and stored in the woodshed.

3 Not specifically today’s, I discovered it a few days ago – if I put food in the chicken run during the day when they’re in their greenhouse run, they go home when they’re ready, eat and roost.  At about 5 o’clock, all I have to do is go and shut the hatch to the tunnel.  It and the greenhouse aren’t fox-proof, so I have to close it.

4 Lovely friend in Seattle, who comments here as Kippy, sent me a letter in the night and I’ve written back.  I’m not a good letter correspondent at all, but I really wish I were.

5 I’ve read the whole of the weekend newspapers.  Just about to start on the crosswords.

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