Z lines up ducks and watches them bob

Tim is perfectly lovely, as I have said already.  I’ll say it again, many times.  He makes me glad.

Enough of this girly soppiness.  I finally got on with Stuff that has been hanging over me for three weeks, because I was too distraught after LT’s sudden, though soon over, illness.  And I made phone calls and put things in motion, and LT has kindly said he’ll take over the next bit, which will happen next week, because it’s all got a bit much.

But it’s not too much now.  We’ve relaxed for the weekend, and that’s all good. Another trip to Tim’s place is in the pipeline, but we’ve got everything planned.  Including some unexpected extra involvement in something for me, but it’s all fitting in and I’m not stressed at all, not at all, not even the tiniest bit because I’m … actually, that’s true.  I feel better than I have for a while.  Thanks, Tim.  Chalking that up to you 😀

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