Beautiful soup, as the Mock Turtle put it

At this time of year, my culinary thoughts always turn to soup, probably because slaving over a hot stove is unappealing in the summer but highly thought of now.  And buying lots of lovely root vegetables is fine, but I get carried away and have a lot of food that needs using up.

I wasn’t the one who over-catered for Sunday though, and we had twice as much calabrese as we needed.  So Tuesday’s soup was stilton and broccoli.  Today’s was fridge soup, basically – all the odds and ends that needed using up, including the stalk of the final head of calabrese and three of the final tomatoes from the garden.  I think butternut squash will come next, and LT is yearning for minestrone.  We could last for weeks without shopping, really – though it might get a bit dull if I relied on just vegetables out of the garden.

The chickens are still laying remarkably well – actual laying hens certainly are far more productive than bantams; the big black hens still laid eggs throughout their moulting and none of them has gone broody at all.  It’s amusing to watch them intimidating the barn cats – I have to shut them up before feeding the cats if it’s not to happen.  I had to pick up a chicken and take her inside the greenhouse the other day, as she’d chased away the cats and was tucking into their food.  They get a handful of mealworms, which is an indulgence that Rose introduced them to, and don’t need chasing into the shed very often.  Usually, i can just pick up the eggs, chuck in the mealworms and then leave them to go to bed while I secure the *not rat-proof* “rat-proof” feeder for the night.

Having had one lovely bloggie get-together with Indigo and Lisa, we’ve now planned another with Mike and Ann, which we’re looking forward to.  We tend to waft along in our own little world, but it’s so much pleasure when we are actually sociable.

4 comments on “Beautiful soup, as the Mock Turtle put it

  1. Mike

    We’ve just had game soup, made on the same principal as yours. Probably aught to call it ‘Whatever’s left over soup’.

    1. Z Post author

      We had pheasant for dinner yesterday and I made soup with the remains today. Bacon and eggs tonight though, the soup will be eaten another day!


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