Z likes Christmas

I’m having a very good time. Fortunately, the company is excellent so the fact that there’s sod all on television doesn’t matter.

Lovely to have Ro home, had a most entertaining chat with him a couple of nights ago. Just catching up, you know, but he’s really good company and I haven’t seen much of him in the seven months since he moved to Norwich.

Now, since there’s still nothing on television and Ro is engrossed in a jigsaw, I am (with a glass raised to my Secret Santa via ILTV) going to watch M. Hulot’s Holiday, which has been one of my favourite films for about 45 years.

7 comments on “Z likes Christmas

  1. Rog

    You can always trust a bloke with a pipe.

    About 5 years ago we spent a week at St Marc sur Mer and had a meal in the Hotel with the swing doors into the kitchen. The doors weren’t there and it was overpriced and rubbish but the thought was there.

  2. Christopher

    Sounds great, M. H’s hols. I adored it, and when it featured during a French week in an Inverness film club in the early 80s I took my kids, hoping they would be as transported as I’d been when I was 13 or so. No such luck. Heigh ho.

  3. Z

    I videoed it from the television years ago and my children were, fortunately, infected by my glee. Last night, Ro chuckled away with me and all was good cheer.

    Absolutely, Rog. My pa-in-law used a pipe and was not a plumber.

    Did you have escalopes or ratatouille?


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