Z is still mellow

Which seems to have inhibited my conversational trigger.

I couldn’t get to sleep last night, which was puzzling – usually, I fall asleep and then wake an hour later or at 4 o’clock and twitch wakefully for a long time then. But it was nearly 4 by the time I dropped off, and then I only dozed.

I spent the morning cooking, as the family was all here for lunch. Yet more presents exchanged hands, this time between El’s family and Al’s family. We gave Squiffany and Pugsley a camera as our main present – I was hesitant about giving them a joint present as it’s asking for trouble, but fortunately they are remarkably good-natured about sharing and, also fortunately, it is a real hit. I’d only got fairly small things otherwise, books, a puzzle and a game each, and I reckoned in the end that rivalry about whose turn it was would be better than jealousy about one getting a better present than the other. It’s a robust little Lego camera and they’re having fun – thank goodness for digital cameras, wouldn’t make their parents fork out repeatedly for films, or for development. Only thing is, they snap away when you’re not expecting it and, since they come in a bit close, the flash is giving us spots before our eyes.

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