Z, it seems, is Warm and Fuzzy

I have been idling away a few minutes, as you do when you have a busy day coming so are putting off starting it, doing this test. I wasn’t surprised to get a low score, but 7 was lower than I expected.

What did surprise me was the number of people with similarly low marks asking what they meant – they felt disregarded because the 12-and-unders were not evaluated (the higher the mark, the more your tendency towards the condition).

Surely, those are the type of people who should most be able to work out that a (rough and ready) test for Asperger’s Syndrome is meant to evaluate just that? It wasn’t testing for anything else, and if you don’t have any trace of AS, you don’t come into the evaluation.

On the other hand, maybe those people are just the sort to need to feel included in everything. Poor loves, I do feel for them.

15 comments on “Z, it seems, is Warm and Fuzzy

  1. Ally

    I couldn’t get the link to work – but it’s interested me so I’ve gone googling and found a 50-qq ‘Newsweek’ quiz.

    I scored 32, which was quite high – I do notice tendencies in myself and they tend to be worse when I’m stressed, which I am today :). I’ve bookmarked it to do again later to see if the score changes!

  2. Z

    Sorry, Pat – the copy and paste didn’t work either?

    Ally, I think I’ll try again now I’ve had a couple of glasses of wine…might be so mellow I’ll score zero, or (you never know) I might hit the top of the chart.

    I noticed that they asked a question twice (may have been more than one question, but that was the one I saw) – pourquoi?

  3. ad

    Good evening Z, I tend to view any online (and some off line) questionairres as the product/property of the Ministry of Misinformation and with regard to your previous post, I hand washed a silk ‘black’ bow tie, the predominant colour to bleed was a dark inky blue.

  4. Z

    Good evening to you, Ad, and I hope it is a delightful one. Misinformation indeed – but the name ‘Iamboreddotcom’ might give a clue.

    Dark inky blue, fair enough, but there doesn’t seem much place for cyan in black type, especially when there is a black ink cartridge. I think they are cheating bastards myself, but then what do I know?

  5. Z

    Oh, by the way, I can’t get the link to work myself now, but I think it’s the website as I can’t get it to load at all via Bloglines (yes I link to it, but [defensively] I rarely actually look at it). Try again tomorrow? if you’re still bored, of course.

  6. Z

    I think I’m a geek, Gert, but a warm and friendly one. At least the link works again, thanks for drawing my attention back to it.


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