Z is a bit annoyed

The draw was held this morning for the 25 visitors to H1ghgr0ve (yes, Dave, 24 as my place is assured). There were 40 applicants in all.

After it was done, it occurred to me that I needed to write two letters – to tell people yes or no – and print address labels to the people concerned. I was too busy at the time, so I’ve been doing it this evening.

Finally, the letters were composed, so I set the printer to do 24 copies of the first and 15 copies of the second. I sat back and waited. Except for the first two copies, the printing is faint and patchy, but I didn’t find that out until all the printing was done. I am rather put out. I have cleaned the printing head, with no effect except that I’m now out of blue ink.

I have the feeling that I’m going to end up replacing all the ink cartridges before it works again properly. And yes, they are branded cartridges, not own-brand ones.

Rain forecast for tomorrow. We’ve cleared another section by the lawn, which was a tough job as we discovered some large hawthorn stumps 5 foot high, dead, covered with ivy, that had to be dug out. Most of the undergrowth has been removed now, and there are just some roots to go, the fence to be pulled down and that socking great pine to be felled. It will take some time yet – and we’re busy for the next few days, so Friday will be the next session, weather permitting.

I’m going to bed, where a cuddlish husband awaits.

12 comments on “Z is a bit annoyed

  1. PI

    Quelle bore! Printers can be the very devil. My new one seems to be trouble free so far, but has loads of properties I haven’t investigated yet. Don’t you hate reading manuals?

  2. martin

    Printers are a nightmare. They always run out when you have something important to print. There are shops in London that refill the cartridges for a very good price……perhaps you have the same ?.

  3. Z

    Thank you all for your sympathy! This one works fine usually (and Pat, reading the manual is always a bit of a last resort for me) but the ink does get faint when it starts to run out, which my old one never did. I probably could find somewhere in Norwich to refill cartridges, but I can’t buy or refill them in Bungay, and I hardly ever go to Norwich, so I get them by mail order and always have plenty in hand.

  4. Dave

    I read this two hours ago, but couldn’t think of anything to say.

    Have felt guilty for the last two hours.

    I still have nothing to say though.

    Good morning.

  5. Z

    Good morning, Dave. How very charming and polite you are, but please feel no obligation to comment. I would not wish to be the cause of undeserved feelings of guilt.

    Having read your post (which has not come up on Bloglines yet, but so prompt are you that I expected it to be there nevertheless), I have not yet left a comment either. Not because there was nothing to say, but because the solemnity of the subject has left me thinking about it.

  6. Z

    That sounds heartfelt, Stitchwort!

    I replaced the blue cartridge and all is now well. I don’t understand why monochrome black became faint when blue was running low though…

  7. The Boy

    Your software was probably telling the printer it was not a true monochrome black but some blue black combination that is designed to run ink catridges down. Not that any ethical company would do this, of course.

  8. Z

    Of course. And Epson is an honorable company, And so are they all, all honourable companies, as Mark Antony might have said.


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