Z isn’t odd, surely

I updated my sidebar the other day and, oh dear, it makes me look so odd and eccentric.  As we all know, I’m not in the least, I’m really quite normal.  But all these random animals … a cat and a dog would suit me nicely, in the long run.  Lord knows when that’s likely to happen.

My gardener Wince called round this evening, to let me know his mother is in hospital.  I wasn’t here on Thursday when he was due, and it didn’t seem to me that anything had been done, but I hadn’t been round the back of the house (look, it’s a big garden and I’m busy) so I assumed he’d been mowing there – anyway, he hadn’t.  His mother had been taken ill in the night and was swept off to hospital in an ambulance.  It doesn’t sound good, I’m afraid.  He’s a nice man, never married and had always lived with her – and father, while he lived, of course – and always worked in the same job until the firm closed down when Wince was 60 last year.  I sympathised, not much I could say.  She is asleep most of the time and he said he was there for an hour and a half last evening but she didn’t wake.  I said that it didn’t necessarily mean she didn’t know he was there, and to hold her hand, as touch may still be felt, even when she is apparently asleep.  Is that so?  It sounds plausible.  He needs to feel that he’s helping her, whether she wakes or not.

It’s been very hot today and the temperature is still in the 20s.  I wish I could open windows upstairs.  Not that I mind the heat in other respects, it’ll be winter soon enough.

6 comments on “Z isn’t odd, surely

  1. Mike Horner

    Dear Ma’am. Rest assured that you are one of the few fairly normal people I know. I only know one completely normal person, and, of course, modesty forbids……………………………….

    1. Z Post author

      You’re comparing me with the likes of Sir Bruin of course – still, I’m reassured. Ann seems pretty normal to me, I suppose that’s who you mean?

  2. tim

    Hands up those who think Z is odd? (BOO!!) Hands up those who think she’s eccentric? (BOO!!) Hands up those who think she’s, um, fairly normal? (Hmm…) Hands up those who think she’s exceptional? (HURRAH!!!)


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