Z answers the phone

I should have got rather more done today, but – no, no excuses. I didn’t do it.  I don’t care.

Last night, I got into bed and looked at my phone, to put on the radio, and there was a message from New Zealand, asking if I was still awake?  It was a friend, not Graham who was such a help earlier this year, but someone known to me and another friend (long story, never mind) as Aberdeen Angus.  I replied that I was and put on a pyjama top, modestly, as we usually talk on Facetime.

Ten minutes later, I removed it as I was very hot.

Five minutes after that, Angus Facetimed me.  So I answered, with duvet drawn up to my chin.  Modesty rules, hey.  Late night chat is enough to keep me awake for an hour afterwards, unfortunately, so if this happens again, I probably just won’t answer and let it be assumed I’m asleep.  I am sleeping much better on the whole, though, than I have for several years and I’m immensely grateful for that.

Half an hour ago, I let Eloise out and she hasn’t returned.  This is so unlike her, I’m worried.  It’s not late, quite possible that she’s out frolicking – but she usually comes when she’s called.  Mother Cat came to be stroked, but not my Eloise.  I’ll just have to keep going out and calling until she returns.

Dogs may be more work, but they’re easier, in many ways.  Especially when, like me, you’re more than half dog.

4 comments on “Z answers the phone

  1. Z Post author

    She’d sneaked in when I let the dog out. Whew – and grr, a bit. Why didn’t she come and greet me? Which is like saying, why isn’t a cat more like a dog, and there’s the answer….

  2. 63mago

    I would not worry about a cat – they usually can take care for themselves very well. I find it pretty unusual that she follows when you call her. While the barn cat is clearly making plans !

  3. Z Post author

    She’s been brought up with dogs, she thinks she’s supposed to come when called. And she’s much more an indoor than outdoor cat, she would hate to be shut out at night. The barn cat is plotting, this morning she came in the porch and almost reached the inner door before Eloise saw her and chased her off.


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